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15 Best Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Nailed The Natural Look

If you think celeb beauties would never and cannot bare it all, you’re about to be proven wrong. This is an ode to every bollywood actresses without makeup that was brave enough to flaunt her flaws!

Bollywood Beauties! Ahh who doesn’t want to be a Bollywood beauty or atleast look half as good as them. Welp, their beauty comes at a great price- healthy diets, extensive beauty routines, expensive treatments and a lot more. Like Queen Bey said “Pretty Hurts”!

It's not everyday you see an actress without makeup. They have a certain image of beauty to live upto, people expect them to be flawless porcelain dolls, every minute of their life. Keeping up with such expectations comes with a heavy price and it's not easy.

Here's a list of 15 incidences when a Bollywood actress stepped out without makeup or minimal makeup and showed the paparazzi that their camera didn't matter and absolutely slayed their natural look.

We applaud these celebrities without makeup, for giving unrealistic beauty standards a Big Finger!

From airports to gyms and everywhere in between, these actresses have time and again bared it all and beautifully!

Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

1. Deepika Padukone Without Makeup Is Still A Queen!

Deepika Padukone - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup
Source- indiatimes

This long-legged bombshell is a perfectionist- with thick eyebrows perfectly lined in shape, her chiseled cheeks highlighted and lips colored pretty, everytime she makes a public appearance she is impressively dressed to the T! Dressed in a casual grey 3/4th sleeves t-shirt with a tan side bag and no makeup, Deepika is seen keeping her style simple, comfortable and classy.

You’ll hardly see this actress without makeup. Only on a blue moon would you see Deepika at her raw best but when she bares it all, she certainly is not afraid of flaunting her natural beauty, she wears it proudly!

Honestly with her smooth, shiny tan Deepika padukone without makeup is just as beautiful as deepika with makeup.

2. If You’re Born with It, Wear It Like Anushka Sharma Without Makeup!

Anushka Sharma - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup
Source- stylecraze

Anushka’s dewy, lush skin speaks for itself. She’s one of the few lucky people who are genetically gifted in the beauty department.

Tbh Anushka sharma without makeup is healthy skin-spiration!

It’s not unusual to see her sport the #NoMakeup look. From red carpet events to casual public appearances, Anushka is seen keeping it simple with minimal makeup and opting for fresh looks all the time. Solid color tees paired with basic denim pants and white shoes apparently turn out to be Anushka’s mantra for her stylish airport looks. It’s a rarity to see her wear heavy makeup, this beauty is not about the OTT life.

3. Sonam Kapoor Without Makeup Makes It Up With Her Fly Style!

Sonam Kapoor - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog

This ‘Fashion Royalty’ has Expensive written all over her, in bold!

Popular for her unconventional, avant-garde, unique style, this B-town beauty doesn’t shy away from getting raw and filter free in front of the camera. Thus sonam kapoor without makeup is a frequent feature on her instagram too.

This fashionista knows exactly how to slay a no-makeup look. Spotted in a grey checkered power pantsuit with oversized black shades to hide the eyes and a brown handbag, Sonam Kapoor makes a powerful statement and absolutely nobody even notices her bare face. Lately one can witness Sonam Kapoor posting no filter and no makeup looks on her instagram profile making her support for raw and bare-faced looks more prominent.

4. Alia Bhatt Without Makeup- Young, Fresh & Healthy!

Alia Bhatt - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup
Source- hdnicewallpapers

Nobody does casual as cool as Alia!  Spotted in a black t-shirt, Alia almost always has fresh glowing skin and with a charming smile like hers, makeup is not a necessity. Alia’s young, healthy skin is a result of power juices, a healthy diet and extensive exercise sessions with Yasmin Karachiwala.

It’s not often that you see heroines without makeup but she being the carefree millennial that she is, Alia Bhatt without make up is a common sight and if you’re lucky you might just run into her on a walk around town!

5. Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup, Owns It Like A Boss!

Priyanka Chopra - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup
Source- pinimg

A patron of natural beauty and embracing flaws, Priyanka chopra has never turned face from giving the world a taste of her glam.

She is often seen gracing posters and magazine covers without makeup, she is unafraid of criticism and can handle whatever’s thrown her way. One to defy norms both social and beauty, Priyanka Chopra without makeup still rules our hearts and the style scene.

This Boss Lady owns her flaws!

6. Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup is Literally BAE!

Kareena kapoor - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog

When you’re born with good skin,silky hair and beautiful eyes, do you even have to worry about what you look like?

Bebo sure seems to not bother much about makeup! Often spotted in round neck full sleeves t-shirts or a tank top with skin fit jeggings, sports shoes and a high ponytail, Kareena Kapoor without makeup still lives up to widely acceptable Indian standards of beauty. It’s not out of the ordinary to see her go ‘au natural’. 

Whether it’s a workout sesh at Bandra or a beach vacation in the Maldives, taking a break from makeup sure seems easy for this Diva.

7. Katrina Kaif Without Makeup Serves Freshness!

Katrina kaif - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- stylecraze

You’d hardly ever see Katrina Kaif wearing heavy makeup. One to levitate to softer looks -  even in movies, at red carpet events or high profile weddings this actress has time and again shown the world that she doesn’t rely much on makeup. 

The Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara actress Katrina Kaif, without makeup is everything that every woman wants to be. She has a clear, blemish-free, fresh skin that anybody would kill for and is often seen flaunting her hot-bod and post-workout clear skin in Bandra.

8. Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup Makes Me Believe In Herbal Tea!

Shraddha kapoor - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- pinimg

Maybe detoxicating does do your skin wonders because Shraddha Kapoor without makeup is like a ray of light on a dark night! A healthy lifestyle advocate, Shraddha sure seems to be practising what she preaches! Often spotted donning a comfy crop top and joggers, Shradhha Kapoor never fails to flaunt her glowing skin and beautiful smile in front of the cameras.

You don’t just stumble upon fresh, dewy and glowing skin. Sometimes you have to work for it, work hard for it!

9. Jacqueline Fernandez Without Makeup Is A Winner!

Jacquline fernandez - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- blogspot

Jacqueline’s happy and energetic laugh is enough to make one fall in love with her, her long luscious locks and beautiful face are like a cherry on top.

Even when Jacqueline Fernandez steps out without makeup, her positivity and happy spirit reflect on her face. She’s winning our hearts and giving us the confidence to embrace our perfectly imperfect skin.

10. Madhuri Dixit Without Makeup, Can Give Actresses A Run For Their Money!

Madhuri dixit - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- stylecraze

This evergreen actress is the epitome of classic Bollywood charm! This B-town Mohini  (enchantress) has enticed Indian audiences with her beauty over two decades and is still ruling hearts.

A champion of healthy living and keeping fit, she dances her way to organic beauty. Known for her impeccable style and charismatic smile, Madhuri Dixit is a perfect example of beauty with brains. Unafraid of what her critics have to say, Madhuri Dixit without makeup often makes appearances at dance sessions and public events alike.

11. Hina Khan Without Makeup Gets Honestly Bare-Faced!

Hina khan - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- pinkvilla

You have to be really brave to be able to go bare faced everyday for months on national T.V. especially when you're a much-adored celebrity from the silver screen.

Well Hina Khan without makeup was a regular on our tv sets during her stint on Big Boss. Her workout looks are so well put together, that they serve as an inspiration to all for opting a healthy diet and a perfect fitness regime. The television actress Hina Khan doesn’t shy when it comes to putting out her transformation pictures or no makeup workout selfies.

12. Kajol Without Makeup  Is Carefree! Well, She’s Always Carefree!

Kajol - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- pinimg

This Bollywood actress is known for her zesty, feisty personality. She speaks her mind and has made her strong opinions about celebrity airport looks and all the efforts that go into creating eventful celebrity looks quite clear. She really isn’t about all that effort. Mother of two, Kajol likes to keep her look minimal and yet never fails to take us by awe with her zealous nature.

Naturally it’s not really a big deal to see Kajol without makeup. It’s no big deal to her, shouldn’t be to us either right?

Nevertheless, she’s beautiful.

13. Do It Like Sunny! Sunny Leone Without Makeup - A Heartthrob!

Sunny leone - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- blogspot

Sunny Leone is blessed with good skin and beautiful eyes. You will often see Sunny Leone without makeup especially during her workout routines that she usually shares with her fans online. Apart from that she is often spotted at airports wearing full sleeve tops and distressed jeans carefully paired with bomber jackets and sneakers. She often shares pictures with her kids and husband Daniel Weber on Instagram while enjoying her casual days out in L.A and Mumbai.  

Even dressed at her simplest, she reflects positivity and a natural glow!

14. Kajal Agarwal Without Makeup Is Super Casual Chic!

Kajal agrawal - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- missmalini

It's not unusual to see a Tamil actress without makeup, they are pretty famous for sporting natural looks.

Kajal Aggarwal without makeup is a common sight around town, she is often caught at her casual best on outings with friends and family. We must say she slays casual like no other celebrity! Known for opting a fuss-free casual look, it is evident from Kajal Aggarwal’s Instagram profile that she likes to chill in comfy yet stylish crop tops and track pants.

15. Sara Ali Khan Without  Makeup or With, Is Always A Charmer!

sara ali khan - Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup | Bewakoof Blog
Source- rediff

Making her Bollywood debut with Kedarnath, this fresh-faced beauty has certainly inherited good looks from her mother. Almost a young clone of her mumma, Sara Ali Khan without makeup has a fresh charm that no other actress can match right now. Despite being new to Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan has already got herself quite a fan base because of her chirpy and carefree attitude towards most things in life. Known for her famous “ Namaste”, Sara is often seen flaunting her carefree side by choosing comfy denim pants and round neck tees or sweatshirts while traveling.

Even at her simplest, in a plain suit and no makeup at all, Sara Ali Khan is a pretty spectacle.

Everything said and done, there’s no denying that these actresses are just as prepossessing with or without a made-up face. Take inspiration from your favourite Bollywood actresses without makeup, go makeup free and embrace your natural beauty and don't let anyone else tell you what's best for you.

What your critics say ,don’t matter! How you feel about yourself is all that does. So love yourself girl!

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