Bulati Hai Magar Jaane ka Nahi

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Notch up the fun with memes on T-Shirts

We are inundated with memes on the internet. They make us laugh out loud. They make us ponder. They make us squirm. `Memejacking’ is the new internet trend, as memes go viral on social media. 

But memes on T-Shirts? Wait. What? Now that’s a new one. And it’s so uber cool. Who wouldn’t want to wear their favorite meme like a badge on their chest? Bewakoof’s new series of meme T-Shirts for Men and Women makes all your meme dreams come true. 

Take the hit meme of the season: `Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nai’. In early 2020, this line from a hit Bollywood song suddenly spun into an online meme-fest. It got the Indian social media cracking up, with versions that took a dig at everyone: from actors, politicians, cricketers to cops. 

Bewakoof takes the humour of the `Bulati Hai...’ meme a notch higher, as we come up with our own versions of the joke, for our T-Shirt collection. Take for instance: “Jaane Ka Hai. Magar Bulati Nahi Hai.”

Every true-blue Indian has heard of `Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’. The one-liner from a Saas-bahu serial that was turned into a song took the social media by storm and tickled our funny bones altogether. 

Bewakoof’s meme T-Shirts have turned the Rasoda joke spicier and riotous. Hold on to your chairs and listen to this: “My Brain: Don’t Say It. Don’t Say It. Don’t Say It. Me: Rasode mein kaun tha?”

Here’s another one: “Cholay. Directed by Kokilaben.”

How about: “Kaun Tha? Tum Thi? Mein Thi?”

And if you’ve turned into a die-hard Rasoda fan, then: “Gangs of Rasoda” or, “Game of Rasoda” is tailor-made for you.

T-Shirts are a trendy, timeless, comfortable and cool attire to don. With Bewakoof’s meme-inspired collection, they’ve also turned fun. Who wouldn’t want to add a dash of ROFL to their wardrobe?

Humour aside, 5 Thumb Rules to Pick the Perfect Tee

Rib-tickling memes aside, T-Shirts have emerged as the ultimate, uber-cool clothing and popular leisurewear for all. But always remember – if the fit is not right, then Tees can go horribly wrong. And they can go wrong in many ways: the neck can be too deep, the sleeves too tight, the length too short or the shoulder’s drooping. If your Tee ticks even one of the boxes, then it can ruin your look completely.

Follow these rules to find the perfectly fitting T-Shirt:

  1. Shoulders: A hallmark of a good T-Shirt is how it sits on the shoulders. The seam should be etched seamlessly around your armpits.

  2. Sleeves: Neither too tight nor too loose. The space between your arm and the T-Shirt fabric should be about 3 cm. This gives room to move and looks like a snug fit too.

  3. Length: Best to keep it hovering around the waistline of your jeans for women, and half-way down the fly for men. 

  4. Width: Again, neither too tight, nor too loose. A tight Tee will look like you’re trying too hard to look slim. A loose Tee will make you look big and round. The best measure is a T-shirt that leaves a room of about 3 to 5 cm on each side of the torso.

  5. Neck: That’s an individual choice. Some of us can’t work the V-neck. Some look podgy in round necks. Go for a neck design that fits your body type.

The Bewakoof Shopping Advantage

Shopping is a seamless experience at Bewakoof. That’s because you get the best fits, sizes, colors, and prices. No one goes back disappointed. Let’s look at what meme T-Shirts are on offer for shoppers this season:

  • Size: You can be a small size or a 3XL, we have you covered. While most brands make sizes that range from small to XL, we’ve gone two steps further, to make sure that each of our customers finds that perfect fitting Tee. 

  • Colors: We offer a rainbow of colors for shoppers to choose from. For men, there are the standard whites, blacks, and khakis. But modern-day men don’t always toe the stereotypical color choices. If you like your fix of off-beat colors, you can go for mustard, rust, or pista green.

  • Sleeve: Some like it short, some like it long. And some like it somewhere in the middle. We have it all – with half, three-fourth, and full sleeve options available.

  • Pair it with the best bottom wear from Bewakoof: Now that you’ve bought that eye-catching T-Shirt which will leave your friends in splits, how about pairing it with the right bottoms. Be it chinos, joggers, boxers, or pyjamas, you’ll find it all here. Pair your T-Shirts in a way that shows off your style. 

The Best Buys at the Best Prices

There are a whole lot of value-adds that you get when you shop with Bewakoof.

The best prices, EVER: Ranging from Rs 275 to Rs 325, the prices are literally throw-away. Now you can shop without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. 

Discover the Bewakoof TriBe membership bonanza: You get a hamper load of deals if you become a member of the TriBe. You can avail discounts that will warm the cockles of your heart – they go as high as 50%. You get priority customer support. You get to be the first to access all our exclusive collections. That’s a triple treat!

Our return policies are the best you’ll find: If you Don’t like the t-shirt for some or the other reason then you can return it. We have a 15-day return policy which is hassle-free and easy. 

Join the Bewakoof squad, become a fashion influencer: If you wear an eye-catching slogan like Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi then you deserve to join the ranks of fashion influencers. All you have to do is post a cool, T-Shirt clad pic on our Insta handle. And wait for the flood of appreciation to pour in. You can also win a ton of goodies by participating in our #WeeklyGoodieRush.

One T-Shirt, so much fun!