Flip Flops

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Women are obsessed with collecting footwear, but then so are men, it’s just that women’s obsession over anything is much more openly discussed and made jokes on. Nevermind, let’s think of it as limelight and enjoy it for as long as we can, well in our stride. With fairy tales like Cinderella having the whole storyline revolve around a single pair of heels, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the protagonist was that one blessed sandal & rightly so, haha! But fairy tales are just that, FAIRYTALES. All grown ups know how unrealistic they are! But you know what’s realistic? 

Comfortable footwear and that’s exactly what we bring to you with our cool collection of flip flops for men and women. Whether you wanna call them slippers for men, chappals, sliders for men or flip flops for women, we have a steal-worthy range in plethora of colors and designs. 

There are certain things in life that should be budgeted within a certain limit, that’s how you save money for other items while shopping. One such item being a flip flop. This chappal for men, especially falls in the “must have” category. However, you shouldn’t have to spend thousands of rupees just on one pair of basic flip flops. At Bewakoof we have a supreme line up of top notch chappal for men. 

Cute flip flops with well pedicured feet, white gel toe nails, a cutesy summer dress, hat and jute sling bag have become quite the rage these days. The likes of Hollywood A listers to Tier 1 bloggers have made this the most sought after look for a summery afternoon or beach day in some tropical island. Social media is full of aesthetically pleasing pictures of ladies chappal. 

Our Sliders for women have come back in vogue with quite a big bang! Men too have always been huge on wearing chappals, especially in our country right from the olden days. I'm sure as kids we all have memories of the very generic yet staple blue strap chappal for men lying outside people's homes. At least one person in the family had one of these. However, that was decades ago and we have come a long way ever since!

With a complete transformation from humble to trendy, slippers for men and flip flops for women are now being made in chic styles. From adjustable straps to slip in your feet, right from Footwear for women to men, we have it all under one roof. 

Here's a quick sneak peek into the super quirky yet chic designs that are up for grabs! 

Our sliders are quite popular for being off-beat and unique. Have a look at our Bad boy lightweight men slider and see it to believe it. You won't be able to resist yourself from buying one. No doubt this one’s trending and how! At a price as low as Rs. 425, these slippers for men are a sureshot bang for the buck.

Nobody likes wearing chunky and heavy footwear. We already have our own weight to carry, can't imagine wearing heavy slip ons and make our feet suffer even more! We think of comfort first and then style when we make our products. Be it our coming off age clothing range, our line of sliders & flip flops or even mobile accessories and mobile covers for that matter. 

Stylish products may look great, but serve no purpose if they aren't comfortable and we understand that very well at Bewakoof. Hence our sliders are made 50% lighter than our other counterparts but at the same time they're 100% more durable without compromising on looks. On that note check out this classic pair of Brooklyn Lines Men' Sliders and wear them to your heart's content. 

We don't know a single woman who hasn't had a crush on at least one character from the popular American series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S! We tried hard, but can’t think of a single woman who wouldn't want to invest her money in these lovely Logo F.R.I.E.N.D.S lightweight women's sliders in the shade black. Pair this set of ladies chappal with black sporty leggings and our Digi Teal Half and Half Sleeve T-shirt for Women to go for a coordinated look. This T-shirt has one of the most trending patterns. The whole look of it is super attractive. It’s something you'll have to see it to believe it. 

No two people are exactly the same. Similarly, no 2 pairs of feet are of exactly the same size. Some have narrower feet while others have wider ones! If you are a guy who constantly feels the need to keep adjusting his shoe straps or laces, then you ought to check out our Charcoal Lightweight Adjustable Strap Mens Slider. As the name suggests, this pair comes with Velcro straps that can be easily adjusted as per one’s comfort. Available in 3 different colors and a wide spectrum of sizes right from UK 6 - UK - 11, we’ve got sizes apt for smaller as well as bigger feet. Wear them as house slippers or make them your go to “running errand” footwear. Either way, whatever you do, do it all in style!

Our flip flops are designed taking comfort, durability and creativity into account. When buying flip flops, it’s imperative you choose something which is a little more on the firm side. Squishy slip ons might seem attractive at the get go, but in the long run, they can do more damage than good. Soft soles tend to get wearied quickly without you knowing, ultimately leaving your feet exposed to the ground and dirt around. This leads to formation of corns due to friction & also cracked soles. Best is to choose thickness and firmness which is in between. Those are the aspects that we have incorporated into our flip flops.

That was all about the make of the product. As far as prints and designs are concerned, we’ve pretty much covered everything under the sun. From daily affirmations to regional prints, from official cult classic collab merchandise to cute & eccentric designs, you’ll find all of it in our online sliders and flip flops collection.