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Boxers and pyjamas, the coolest nightwear collection for men

Bewakoof has some of the coolest collections of comfort wear and casual wear. Popular brand Smugglerz by Bewakoof has one of the most popularly sold outfits. There is a wide range of smugglerz shorts, boxers, t-shirts for men, and much more. For every category of clothing, one can choose from various colors, sizes, prints, and styles that suit your personal taste and preference. Because of the ample choice, Bewakoof serves as the perfect place for people to shop for their clothing, be it funky designer wear or casual or comfortable nightwear for homes.

Boxers for men

Bewakoof offers a variety of interesting, printed boxers for men. Under the Smugglerz collection, popular boxers are available in light pastel shades having printed designs such as hats and glasses, ace cards, guitar, and piano prints, summer cocktail glasses, and jazz men. For the pet lovers out there, you can even opt for the pug face or the bulldog face printed boxers.

Boxers are a popular choice for men because of the hot weather condition in India all year round. Made of comfortable and breathable fabric, smugglerz shorts for men are a great choice as nightwear or home wear. They are often a more popular choice over Joggers for men or track pants. Shorts as comfortable as these will assure you a snug fit and a good night’s sleep.

How to choose the most comfortable boxers?

Fit and comfort: Since boxers often become a replacement for pyjamas, the best boxers are one that you are comfortable in. Bewakoof’s comprehensive sizing guide should help you choose the right size based on your waist measurements. Choose a size that fits comfortably and one that does not restrict your movement.

Fabric: The fabric is the other most important factor to be taken into consideration. Cottons are the best when it comes to comfort and choosing something that is light and breathable. Smugglerz shorts for men are made of the best quality poplin cotton that is airy, highly absorbent, and lightweight. They are designed to fit comfortably and are durable that will last regular use for a long time.  

The Smugglerz store

Check out the Smugglerz store collection exclusively on Bewakoof to find the perfect pair of boxers for yourself. The collection of Smugglerz nightwear is not just limited to men’s boxers, but has a collection of quirky pyjamas for men and women as well. Smugglerz pyjamas are made of similar quality fabric with interesting and fun prints. These full length pyjamas are a great choice if you prefer wearing fully covered pants or for cooler winter days when the shorts are put away.

Designs to choose from

Smugglerz nightwear options on Bewakoof come in various designs and styles. Whether you are looking for plain solid colored boxers or something funkier and more printed, Bewakoof has a collection for all. They are trendy and some of the coolest boxers available just a click away. The classic boxer designs on Bewakoof are the Blue Galaxy, Red Geometric pattern, trumpet pattern, Summer cocktails, Multi Mandala, and much more.

Smugglerz pyjamas come in similar designs and prints as well. The variety of options available on Bewakoof leaves every visitor spoilt for choice and makes it difficult to choose just one. Log on to Bewakoof, and you will find every possible design and style of nightwear that you could wish for here.

You can be assured of the quality and fit of the boxers designed to fit neither too loose nor too tight. Smugglerz fashion takes into account all sizes and fits and designs their outfits accordingly. A customized size chart with a corresponding waist size is provided for you to decide from a range of product sizes between small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, and up to 3XL, catering to all body sizes.

Enjoy special membership benefits

A unique membership is offered by Bewakoof to all its customers who become TriBe members. It is an exclusive discount program for those who sign up for it. A nominal fee for six months or twelve months allows members to enjoy exclusive discounts, early-bird offers, and deals. It also provides access to priority support and faster resolution to queries and issues.

Whether you are buying stylish outerwear or casual boxers and pyjamas for men, a TriBe membership can land you some cool deals. Create an account with Bewakoof, use the account to save your favorite outfits, add them to your cart or favorites and shop for them when you are ready. Save the hassle of having to search through multiple products every time you log on to the website.

Other collections from Bewakoof

Bewakoof has a great collection of outfits for both men and women as well as an interesting range of accessories such as mobile covers, backpacks, laptop bags, notebooks, etc.

If you are looking for something to complete your nightwear shopping along with your boxers and pyjamas, check out the collection of vests for men on Bewakoof. Sleeveless vests with solid colors or some quirky graphic printed vests are a great choice for men. Vests for men on Bewakoof are made from high-quality, lightweight jersey fabric woven from 100% cotton. This ensures that the fabric is breathable, airy, and comfortable for day and nighttime wear. 

Our Vests are designed differently from regular vests. They are more like a sleeveless t-shirt than a typical vest. While the latter exposes more of the body and can only be worn as an undergarment underneath a shirt, Bewakoof vests are designed in a way that lets you wear them by itself. They are similar to full-sleeved and half-sleeved t-shirts with its relaxed feel and cool printed color and designs.

You can also choose printed T-shirts for men and women in bright and attractive colors that are great to pair with some casual shorts or joggers. These comfort wear is not just limited to nightwear, but something you can wear while playing sports, running errands, or casual wear at home.