Women's Boyfriend T-Shirts


Women’s Boyfriend T-Shirts

Call it the most fundamental closet essential, but the question on best t-shirts for ladies is as fervently bantered as the best pair of denim. You can never have too many of these warm, comfortable t-shirts. There can be so many styles of t-shirts that you can flaunt them and up your fashion game like never before. 

Out of all t-shirts styles, the new style which has picked up momentum recently is the “boyfriend t-shirt”. Concerning its design, the expression “boyfriend style” alludes to such clothing for women that was crafted around the size of corresponding men’s apparel to make a looser fit than the usual fit made for women's bodies. Bewakoof’s boyfriend t-shirts too have a comfortable oversized fit that does not cling to your body and falls loosely, perfect for when you want to feel comfortable and relaxed without compromising on style.

Why Should You Choose Boyfriend Tees Over Other Styles?

While boyfriend t-shirts for girls work extraordinarily well with semi-formal pants, ladies love experimenting with it and making their new favourite combination now and then. There are many different color and print options if you want to order a Boyfriend t-shirt online from Bewakoof. Here are a few reasons why the boyfriend t-shirt style wins the tee-list:


Our women's boyfriend t-shirts are neither too tight, nor too loose. While wearing these, you don’t need to worry about wearing seamless bras as they have the perfect fit. Neither are they free like your nightwear, nor are they tight-fitting like those tennis or polo shirts. 


These Boyfriend t-shirts for ladies are heavenly when it comes to comfort. Our boyfriend t-shirts are made of classic, lightweight jersey fabric comprising of 100% cotton. They don’t shrink after that first wash, and the fabric is taut and sparkles even after several washes. 

Versatile when styling:

Dressed up or casual, our boyfriend t-shirts can be paired up with everything. . Be it flared palazzos, printed culottes, semi-formal pants, trousers, afghan harams, or those pretty long skirts, a classic pair of blue denim, and shorts - your favourite boyfriend t-shirt can make a perfect pair with any of these and help you take a plunge with your sense of style. 


Boyfriend T-shirts have probably become your most cherished object during this lockdown. It is a wardrobe staple for most because of how comfortable it is! Whether you are lounging at home during a lazy day or heading out to get groceries, Bewakoof’s boyfriend t-shirts will keep you feeling fresh and cosy all day long. But you might worry how about the t-shirt looking worn out because of how much you wear it every week! Our boyfriend t-shirts for ladies last very long and you won’t have to worry about replacing these women’s boyfriend t-shirts as often as you’d discard the other tees in your wardrobe. 


These boyfriend t-shirts have the perfect neckline that are not too high and not too low. Neither will you feel stuffy around your neck nor will you have to worry about an unnecessary cleavage peep if you choose this perfectly round-necked t-shirt to work or anywhere formal. t. The round neck on Bewakoof’s boyfriend t-shirts also makes the tee compatible for almost all neck jewellery. 

Where Can You Wear Your Favorite Boyfriend style T-shirts?

By now, you might have an idea about the versatility of this t-shirt style and must be wondering about plans to use it in the best possible way. Here are three dashing pointers to keep in mind while sporting your favourite boyfriend t-shirt the next time:

  • That Perfect Weekend Lunch or Brunch

    Pairing this tee with a skirt is an incredible method to make a perky style statement. Be it a designer skirt or your favourite flared or pencil skirt, team up Bewakoof’s boyfriend t-shirt with a skirt to add a feminine touch to the boxy silhouette of the boyfriend t-shirtFinish the look with some quirky shoes and elegant accessories.

  • Work Attire:

    If you work in a progressively easygoing work-environment, where you aren’t compelled to wear formals every day, you can fasten your style a bit upward. Just layer a boyfriend tee with a pair with dull denim and top it off with a vivid jacket. Some boho jewellery would go very well with this style.

  • The Exciting Ladies Night:

    Take your boyfriend t-shirt to the next level of styling, by dressing this piece up with something of a glitz style. Dark Ponte pants and a functional choker neckband shall make you look stunning if you are set to head out for dinner or even a party with your ladies. If you want to experiment more, go for a swing skirt and heels! Remember a swipe of that hot red lipstick, and you’re good to go!

Final Word:

Bewakoof’s boyfriend t-shirts are made for women who have varied tastes in fashion. From classic and plain styles in different colours to graphic designs and prints, there is a boyfriend t-shirt out there for each one of you. But most importantly, these t-shirts are reasonably priced and can be enjoyed by everybody. Whether you are a working woman or a young teenager saving up their pocket money, you don’t need to break your bank to get your hands on these stylish boyfriend t-shirts.   

We also have a 15 day refund policy where you can return your purchases to use in 15 days and we will credit the amount back to you! Easy and hassle-free shopping and returns, that’s our promise. So what are you waiting for, grab your favourite boyfriend t-shirt from Bewakoof and flaunt your style without missing out on comfort. Happy shopping!