OnePlus 6T Glass Back Covers

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Though smartphones come with a big price tag, there is no guarantee that they won't break if dropped. So, we need to give them an extra cushion of safety for which getting a good quality back case or cover is essential. 

Among the many kinds of phone cases available, the glass back cases look classy and premium. You should definitely try a Oneplus 6T Glass Cover if you wish to enhance the look of your phone along with providing adequate safety.

The Different Types of OnePlus 6T Glass Covers

Below are the different types of OnePlus 6T glass covers

1. Tempered Glass Back Cover with Soft Edge TPU: Glass back covers are made of tempered glass which can withstand damage and generally do not break or shatter. Majority of us use tempered glass on our phone screen to protect them from breaking. If the impact is extremely high, tempered glass breaks by absorbing the impact and the actual phone screen remains undamaged. Similarly, in a back cover, the tempered glass protects the body of the smartphone. It is tempered at extremely high temperatures, giving it the required strength. Hence, one need not worry about it.

The glass covers also come with a soft edge bumper to provide safety to the periphery of the phone. If you want a good back cover at a reasonable price which is elegant and classy, you can get a OnePlus 6T glass back cover.

2. Three-layer glass cover: Some cannot really stop dropping their phones. It's like they have butterfingers! If you are looking for superior protection along with a stylish cover, you can get this three-layered glass cover for OnePlus 6T. These covers have:

  • A TPU Plastic case 

  • Bumper around the edges

  • Glass back

The layers ensure overall protection of your phone and they come in various high definition prints. The TPU plastic layer safeguards the backside of the phone, the bumper acts as a cushion for the edges and the glass back gives extra protection to the backside along with adding a glossy look.

3. Holographic glass cover: Holographic products have become very popular recently. You can find a product in every category with some kind of a holographic print. So, of course, we needed smartphone covers that are holographic! Duh!. The mesmerizing colors in a hologram can be gazed at forever! These covers also use tempered glass printed with a holographic design.

4. Plain gradient glass cover: Ombre! Gradient! This is one print that everyone would say "yes" to. Gradience can smoothly break the dullness of a solid single color back case. If you generally don't like prints but you also don't want a plain solid back cover, you can get a gradient Oneplus 6T glass cover. 

5. Printed glass cases: Printed glass cases use high definition printing techniques for keeping the colours intact and to avoid fading. They come in the various designer or basic photo prints. You can also get a custom printed Oneplus 6T back case. You can go for these if you prefer printed cases over solid ones.

6. Mirror black covers: Wouldn't it be fun if your phone could also be your mirror? And who doesn't love staring at their own reflection! Apart from those occasional self-admiration glimpses, a mirror can be very handy for last-minute touch-ups, or to check if you look presentable before a meeting. These glass back covers with mirror finish are as good as normal mirrors. 

7. The magnetic glass back cover: Magnetic absorption back cases can be used for wireless charging of your phone. If you don't want your nerves getting tangled while untangling your charger cables, just go for these magnetic glass back cases, provided, your phone is compatible. You only need to place your phone on the docked charging station for charging. They are extremely convenient and provide good protection to the smartphone.

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Our glass cases are three-layered making them extremely strong and high impact resistant. They are made with advanced tempered compression glass technology. This makes them smooth and glossy. They have HD prints, making them premium and enviable. If you are a fan of Disney, or other characters, you will love our collection of these prints. 

The covers are lightweight, provide easy access to buttons as they are precision cut and they provide great grip avoiding slippage. The glass cases also provide maximum coverage for better phone protection.

At, we guarantee excellent quality and standard of our products. Every product goes through quality checks and is delivered to you only if it meets all the quality assurance requirements. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim a return or replacement within 15 days of purchase.

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