Women's Bottom Wear


Have you been searching for bottom wear for yourself lately? We know, it can be hard to find lowers that conform to your tastes and preferences online. We at Bewakoof.com promise to end your hard search! Get ready to don a perfect outdoor and indoor look with our unique collection of women bottom wear.

Our bottom wear for women collection is inspired by the wearer. We design and create styles that appeal to you and fit into your requirements. It is not possible to shop at our online store and not shout with glee for having found exactly (or even better than) what you were looking for. So have fun browsing through our collection. You will find your favorite pair within minutes of looking! Let our ladies’ bottom wears catch your attention with their infectious vibes.

Define Your Style with Our Lowers

Why do you feel like wearing loose, comfortable clothes when at home? Why do you choose more stylish and fitter clothes when heading out? Simply because your appearance has a relation with your environment, occasion and moods. When you are at home, your body, along with your mind, wants to feel relaxed, and so you naturally pick loose-fitting clothes. When you are out and about, your mind is more focussed on your appearance being good looking and perfect, so you choose body-hugging and stylish clothes.

Here you will find ladies’ lowers in both loose and tight fit for both the needs. For home, choose women boxers in cute prints and pyjamas in fun colors. For outdoors, pick from our collection of jogger pants in elegant hues and attractive print designs. Just hand over your needs to Bewakoof, and we will take care of everything.

Different Styles for Different Times

Can you never spot the difference between pyjamas and joggers? Let us be your guide to different types of women's bottom wears. We, here at Bewakoof.com, have 3 different exciting kinds of bottom wears for you ladies. So let us define different styles of lowers for women that we have on our site.

Boxers- These are loose-fitting shorts, ideal for times when chilling at home and heading out for a stroll or a casual outing with friends.

Pyjamas- These are highly comfortable women lowers, sporting casual designs and peppy colors. They are mostly for wearing at home. 

Joggers- These are extremely stylish track pants for women, which you can pair with tees or shirts for an eye-catching outdoor look. They are also great for wearing when exercising. 

What makes Bewakoof Lowers so Comfortable and Perfectly Fitting? 

When you shop for bottom-wear from our site, you should be ready to welcome the feeling of utter comfort and seamless fit into your daily life. We never compromise on the quality of material in our apparels. We have never approved anything with a quality level less than high! And our goal of providing the best experience for our customers is what determines our choice of materials in our apparels. 

The materials used to create our bottom-wear are fleece, cotton and elastane. Our lowers made with a combination of two or more of these fabrics to get more benefits in a single product. These fabrics are known to provide maximum wearing comfort owing to their softness and stretchable fit. Other features that make these materials our top choice in making lower for women are their breathability and comfortable fit. These fabrics are safe for cleaning in the washing machine, as well. 

Get the Look Right- Pair Our Ladies Bottom Wears with The Right Top

We found you the best bottom wear, now let us help you find a matching top for the same. Head to our Top Wear Section and choose from our collection of T-shirts and crop tops to complete the look. Here are some best bottom and upper wear combo recommendations right from Bewakoof’s collection: 

  • Green Fleece Joggers with Screw Perfection crop top,
  • Neon Orange Pajama with Black Melody Heart Round Neck 3/4th Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Galaxy Blue Casual Jogger Pant with Baby Pink Round Neck Crop Top T-Shirt
  • Superman Logo Casual Badge Jogger Pant with White 3/4 V Neck T-Shirt
  • Mickey Moods All Over Printed Boxer with Salt Typo Boyfriend T-shirts

Best Color Combination to Make You Look Both at Ease and Highly Chic

The Top-wear color you choose to pair your bottom wear with can make or break your entire ensemble. Getting your attire's color combination right is the key to looking your best while lounging at home or strolling the streets. Here are some of the trendiest and most beautiful color combinations for your Top and bottom wear:

  • Light pink and blue- This is a highly trendy color combo to wear on a casual outing
  • Yellow and green- For those who like their colors to be bold and popping, this is the peppiest color combo
  • Maroon with navy blue- However weird this combination may sound; it actually looks very sophisticated and stunning together
  • Gray with mustard- A classy, simple and attractive color combination
  • Forest green with white- A refreshing and clean looking combo perfect for both casual and special occasions
  • Soft green with light purple- A mood uplifting and stunning combo

Why Shop for Women Lowers from Bewakoof?

If you are a fan of hatke and out of the ordinary attires, you need to bookmark our site, because you will be revisiting it for every purchase. Our website is full of exciting and unique top and bottom wears. All our attires are made in India, 100% locally. Our products are exclusively made by our own designers. You will also find our bottom wear and other attires highly budget-friendly. They are priced to suit every budget, thus, making our entire clothing range affordable along with appealing. 

So which Lower did you pick? Don’t forget to style your bottom with our collection of stylish T-shirts for women and bottom wear, cute small backpacks and attractive and highly comfortable Women sliders!