Face Care for Men

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Men’s Face Care Routine with the Best Products

Are you actually in love with yourself if you don’t look after your facial skin the way you are supposed to? Just not the facial skin but your entire body in general needs nourishment and care. To have healthy and glowing skin, there are several beauty products in the market which look after the health of your skin. 

All of us should essentially have a face care regime. In a country like India, where people are constantly exposed to the scorching heat of the sun or the harsh winter season, it is vital to look after the skin and other parts of the body in a planned and good manner. Tanning, sunburns, chapped lips, dry skin, etc., are some of the problems that men may face in their day-to-day lifestyle, therefore men’s face care products help in maintaining facial health along with mental and physical health, as everything is interconnected. 

The steps for an ideal face care routine are as follows: 

  1. Wash the face properly after waking up in the morning and also before going to the bed to sleep with a face wash. Face wash for men is available by Ustraa, The Skin Story, and other brands available only on Bewakoof. 

  2. It is recommended to scrub your face at least two to three times a week. This helps in removing the black as well as whiteheads in the skin. The Ustraa Activated Charcoal face scrub helps in deep cleansing the skin, thereby rejuvenating the area leaving it soft and gentle. 

  3. The Beard Story face care and face scrub pack is a two-in-one deal. If you are looking for both in a single investment, then here’s the deal for you. Are you thinking that there should have been a mask along with this too? Don’t worry, that's a surprise you are unaware of. The pack is a three-in-one deal. 

  4. Face masks are great for rejuvenating your facial skin in all possible ways. So, even if you have a hectic schedule, take out 30 minutes once a week and put up face masks which would assure healthy skin in return. 

  5. The Go Glow Natural face pack for men by Super Smelly is an amalgamation of natural extracts like coffee, Aloe Vera, Multani, Apricot and Peace Oil. So imagine, with all the good ingredients as constituents of this pack how can you not like the product? The perk is that it is 100% genuine experimentally and completely vegan. So, those of you who wanted this criteria to be ticked, here you go.

  6. In the winter season, chapped lips are a common thing amongst everyone. Lip balm for men is available by Super Smelly on Bewakoof in several flavors. The products are curated most naturally and leave your lips soft and gentle in any harsh weather conditions.

  7. Along with all these steps, one cannot simply overlook the vitality of moisturizing the skin. Moisturizer for men is available by several brands. It is made in a way that provides complete nourishment to the skin of various body parts. A certain amount of lubrication is extremely important for the skin to sustain itself properly. The way human beings cannot live without food and water, in the same way, our body parts need constant food and water in the form of these products.

  8. The 100 mg moisturizing cream for both dry and oily skin is available. In case, if you are thinking that it will leave your skin sticky then you are wrong. The products are curated in a gel-based solution so that it does not feel a lot in the skin and imparts a light feeling to your skin. Face products for men are made keeping in mind their skin types. 

  9. A lot of people are skeptical about buying any products online. So, you can head onto the labels of these products and look out for the descriptions that say the products are free from any harmful chemicals like Sulphate or Paraben, or both. The one for dry skin keeps your skin safe as well secure in the winter season, which can get pretty harsh on the skin.

Face care products for men are available in India’s one of the best online shopping websites, which is Bewakoof. The TriBe Members can grab amazing deals and offers on every product along with a considerable amount of discount. So, what are you waiting for? Stock up your self-care products today.