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Bought a Samsung Galaxy A70? Cover It Up

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is a mid-range device that was launched sometime last year. This 6/128 GB phone has a big 6.7-inch screen, a 4500 mAh battery, and a prism finish at the back, which makes it quite bulky and well, slippery during the most unsuspecting times. Holding the front and back glass is a polished metal frame which gives the phone a premium look. While all that’s good, the front and back glass along with the metal frame are fingerprint magnets and its bulky size makes it prone to scratches and accidental drops.

Samsung phones are known for their build quality and great specs. This phone isn't cheap and in order to protect your investment on this phone, you need to buy a sturdy back cover.

To prevent your Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone from getting damaged, it’s important that you buy a nice cover that will not only give it the protection it deserves but also enhance the phones’ looks. Phone Covers not only provide complete external protection but also protect your phones’ battery and touchscreen.

A smartphone is a sensitive piece of equipment. Manufacturers are trying to make better phones with a big battery and bigger screens, which means chances of your phone getting damaged due to its size are higher. 

According to a report published on the CNBCTV18 website in April 2020, smartphones with thin bezels or curved screens are most likely to be susceptible to damages. 

What Makes Bewakoof's Samsung Back Covers better than others

1. Complete protection: A back cover is just a useless piece of plastic if it doesn’t protect your phone. Phones are at their highest risk when they just slip out of your hand. The damage to the phone depends on two factors: the floor surface and the speed at which the phone fell down. Samsung Back Covers are made of a durable hard plastic case, which, apart from being impact-resistant are also slim, so you don’t feel the bulkiness in your hand while talking or holding the phone. It also has a slim profile, with raised front bezel for extra screen protection.

2. Free access to buttons: All cases give you complete access to standard buttons and ports, tailored for your device so you don’t have to struggle to insert your power cable or headphone or even press any buttons.

3. High-quality printing: Of what use is a back cover if the printing fades within a few days of use? All Bewakoof Back Covers be Samsung Covers, Oppo Covers or any other brand phone covers, all are printed with quality paints so you can expect your no peeling, chipping, or wearing off on your Samsung A70 covers

4. All side design: All cases cover 100% of the outer surface of the phone with no exposed parts. They are also precision moulded with no seams or sharp edges anywhere.

Different Kinds of Samsung Galaxy A70 Back Covers at Bewakoof has an array of top-quality Samsung A70 back covers that are made with high-grade materials and crafted to perfection. All our Samsung A70 covers adhere to stringent quality tests in order to ensure that every single Samsung A70 back cover lasts long. Here’s a list of materials with which we build the Samsung A70 back cover. 

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate cases offer reliable impact resistance. Several industries use polycarbonate to manufacture various products like glass lenses, compact discs, automobile parts, bulletproof windows, and more. Polycarbonate has a long list of benefits when it comes to mobile phone protection. They are weather-proof, strong, durable, flexible, and affordable. And the best part is they can be customized with a wide variety of colors and designs.

Our excellent range of designer and colorful Samsung Galaxy A70 back covers like Strength Fist Samsung Galaxy A70 Mobile Cover, or Be Happy Samsung Galaxy A70 Mobile Cover, etc. fit perfectly on your phone and protects it not just from damages due to accidental fall but also from water and dust. 

Take a tour of our range of A70 back covers and pick the one you like. More designs and colors are being added every day.

We also have an extensive range of Samsung A 70 back covers in plains designs as well as flip or folio covers, armband cases, rubber/plastic covers, dry bags, and battery cases that you can buy to make your phone look better like Blue Ombre Stripes Samsung Galaxy A70 Mobile Cover and more.

Why Should You Buy Samsung A70 covers Online at

We at Bewakoof make amazing range of back covers for all top mobile phone brands in India. We have been designing and manufacturing high-quality Samsung Galaxy A70 back covers that not only look good but also last long. Every single phone cover undergoes stringent quality tests to ensure the back cover gives your phone the protection that it deserves. 

As soon as a new phone is launched in the country, our team of experts get busy in designing back covers. We are confident that your imagination will have an end but not our styles. When you search for A70 back covers, you can be assured of products that have passed the highest international standards.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone or have ordered one recently, login to and search from our unlimited range of back covers that will compliment you and your phone. You will also get a 15-day complete “No-Questions-Asked” return or exchange policy if you buy a Samsung A70 cover online from us. You can even get discounts when you sign up to our Tribe Membership today!

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