Hand Wash

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We have seen our lives go from normal to very contained with very selective socializing; what we now call the ‘new normal’. On one hand, where this global pandemic has caused a lot of destruction, it has also made us realize the importance of hygiene and protection. It has made us understand that something as little as not washing our hands can be proven deadly and a major reason for spreading diseases.

During these uncertain times, many of our health professionals and other civil heroes have put down guidelines that talk about how washing hands at regular intervals is necessary to keep ourselves clean. However, these guidelines caused a lot of distress in people and led to hoarding of essentials. Due to this, we saw a depletion of products like hand wash from the store shelves. We at Bewakoof realized that hand washes are the need of the hour and ventured into manufacturing safe and germ protection hand wash to serve the community.

We present you Bewakoof liquid hand wash, which will keep your hands safe against germs, with no overbearing fragrance. It will leave your hands feeling clean, soft, and supple. 

What makes our hand wash worth your time and money? 

Our hand washes are created using insights and understanding of what you are looking for in a hand wash. Let’s look at some points that make us stand apart: 

More quantity at less price: Most of the hand washes available in the market range up to liquid hand wash 300 ml at an average cost somewhere between Rs. 150 - 200. We understand that at times like these you are looking to buy something that will last you for a longer period to avoid ordering things over and over again. Hence, we created packs of 500 ml hand washes that are available at just Rs.299 and a pack of 2 at just Rs.549. Almost double the quantity with budget-friendly pricing. If you have a Bewakoof Tribe Membership, you can get further discounts on the prices, making it one of the most price-efficient deals out there. 

A combination of the best ingredients: Our germ protection hand washes come in two variants, with the best highlighting ingredients that are naturally known to work against germ protection and caring for the skin. The first variant is Neem and Aloe hand wash. Neem is an antibacterial ingredient that helps in fighting germs, whereas aloe vera is known to be a gentle ingredient that helps in keeping the skin hydrated and soft. 

Our second variant is Lemon and Mint Hand Wash; both these ingredients have antiseptic and antibacterial qualities and are also known to be refreshing for the skin, giving you a wholesome hand washing experience while keeping the germs at bay. 

Mild yet rejuvenating fragrances: One of the things that you often find in hand washes are the overbearing fragrances. Either they are filled with strong flowery fragrances or very clinical, hospital-like smells that can be difficult to live with. Especially if you have problems like sinus and migraines or sensitivity towards strong smells, it can be very difficult to find a hand wash liquid that works. The hand wash liquid by Bewakoof is infused with ingredients that do not have an overbearing fragrance and are rather mild and rejuvenating to make sure you smell fresh and clean. 

How to use them? 

Just like other hand washes, our hand wash liquids come in a bottle to make sure every drop you use is pure and untouched. Keeping the recent times in mind, it is best to use our hand washes according to the Government and health guidelines to keep yourself safe. 

Let us go through some importing things to keep in mind while washing hands using the hand washes by Bewakoof: 

Wet your hand before use: Take a little hand wash in your hand and rub both palms to create lather. Spread the lather all over your hands. Do not miss in-between fingers, knuckles, thumb, and the back of your hand. 

Repeat these motions for at least 20 seconds to make sure your hands are squeaky clean. Do not exceed 30 seconds as it can be drying for your hands with little or no added effect on germs. 

Wash your hands every few hours to make sure they are clean throughout the day. Use a hand cream or moisturizer post-wash to make sure all the lost moisture is returned to the skin to avoid dry skin. 

We recommend reading the health care guidelines on using hand wash the right way to understand the correct motions in which you should use and apply hand washes for maximum protection against harmful germs and impurities. 

It is also necessary to regulate your actions and keep in mind to wash your hands after certain activities. Some activities include returning home after grocery shopping, using elevators, travelling in public transport like cabs and rickshaws, after removing your face mask, using things that are touched by many people regularly like staircase railing, parcels, doorknobs, etc. 

Bottom line

There is no doubt that there are many hand washes available in the market, but if you have read till here, you know why our hand wash liquid is worth your attention. When you shop for germ protection hand washes from Bewakoof, we make sure it is safely delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. Apart from hand wash, you can also purchase other safety essentials like Hand Sanitizers, PPE Kit, Infrared Thermometer, face masks, face shields and more on our website and keep yourself prepared for a trip outside and for protection against germs. 

If you are still wondering if you should buy our hand wash liquid or not, just explore our range and give it a shot, we promise you would want to purchase it again! Stay safe and happy shopping!