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Top 6 Personal Care Products for men and women

In every walk of life, human beings are inclined and hugely influenced towards personal care products. This includes all your daily basic products like hand sanitizers, face wash, perfumes, etc. The concept of hygiene is of utmost importance in today’s times. Nowadays, with an evolving generation, people have come to terms with the fact that personal hygiene and care play a huge role in your daily lives.

For those of you, who feel that these are recent innovations in the field of personal care products and cosmetics, should understand the fact that it is an age-old concept. Earlier, people were known to extract these products from the natural environment. Like oil and sand (Multani mitti) which is still quite famous in India. With the evolution in the fashion world, there has been a considerable increase in the development of makeup products or cosmetics. 

The ancient Greek people utilized olive oils and rose water for various cleaning and hygiene purposes. It was only in the 1940s when modernization took place when it comes to personal care products for men, women, and kids. Even to date, there has been a constant rise in the development of products that are skin-friendly and help people in achieving the goal that they aspire. 

There are several online shopping stores in India that have achieved mass recognition in the last few years for the products they sell. Especially since the Covid-19 virus has started affecting our lives, it has become difficult to go out and get things done or buy the everyday necessary products. In such a case, online shopping has become a blessing for all of us. The best part is that nowadays men and women are given equal importance when it comes to the making of beauty products. 

Personal care for men is a huge deal amongst the Millenials and Gen Z individuals. There is an awakening in them for the betterment of their skin, body, and other health-related factors.

Few personal care products that are available online on Bewakoof are as follows: 

  • Face Care: Our face has the most sensitive skin in the entire body. It is vital to look after your facial skin by regularly washing it with a face wash like the Super Smelly Face Wash that is available for all skin types, putting sunscreen after the wash to avoid any kind of tanning or sunburn is sorted by The Skin Story and The Beard Story.

    Along with all these steps one should not forget to moisturize the skin at all times. You can choose Moisturising Cream for dry as well as oily skin according to your preference.

  • Body Care: Next in line comes our body. To feel and stay healthy a thorough cleaning of all our body parts is of utmost necessity. With Ustraa Body Wash and Cologne Soap, you can thoroughly cleanse your body parts. 

    In India, especially during winters after every shower, moisturizing the skin with body lotion is an essential step in keeping your skin soft and gentle. The Skin Story and Ustraa comes with a range of body lotions for all skin types, which have a beautiful fragrance and would instantly make your day.

  • Hair Care: Hairfall and dandruff are two of the most common complaints when it comes to hair care. To minimize these things, it is vital to use products that suit your skin type at all costs.

    One should wash their hair at least thrice a week and never forget to oil it beforehand and let it sink in your scalp for some time. Ustraa is a young and good brand with a collection of hair cream, conditioners, and shampoo for all types of skin problems.

  • Beard Care: Men are extremely possessive about their beards. To maintain it, there needs to be a lot of effort. Shampoo the beard often to avoid any hair lumping and dandruff in that area as it is sensitive and forms a major part of your face skin.

  • Deodorants: Dolling up is never complete without your favorite deodorant or perfume. It is like a cherry on the cake and adds to the feel-good factor for anybody. Now get your hands on the best collection in the market by Super Smelly that will make your day like never before.

  • Sanitizers: Thanks to the Pandemic in a way that the people have finally come to terms with the importance of using a hand sanitizer at all times. Stock up your sanitizer collection online by Bewakoof and get several offers and discounts on the go.

So, what are you waiting for? Bewakoof is here with the deals like never before, get yours before the stock ends. The Tribe Members have an additional perk of discounts on every product you purchase. 

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