Multipurpose Sanitizers

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Best Multipurpose Hand Sanitizer Brands in India 

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, the use of hand sanitizer has steadily gone up. People nowadays are more concerned about their hand hygiene which is a way to keep you away from any virus let alone Coronavirus. It has become mandatory in every walk of life to carry one which would keep us protected by fighting any growing viruses. 

It is vital to understand that the use of sanitizers is a whole process and should be done very cautiously. Due to its inflammatory nature, it is recommended to keep sanitizers away from any kind of object that might catch fire instantly. Though, keeping all the factors in mind there are certain ways of using hand sanitizers. Some points to remember are as follows:

  • Choose a sanitizer with a 60-70% alcohol content. Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol is mostly used while making any sanitizer. 

  • Take sufficient amounts in both palms.

  • Rub it gently for 20 seconds on both the palms together with a hand rub sanitizer. 

  • Let the sanitizer dry in your hands.

You can find a range of sanitizers on Bewakoof by well-known brands in India. There are 3 main categories of sanitizers that are listed below: 

  1. Liquid Hand Sanitizer: Liquid sanitizers are the most prevalent in the open market nowadays. Sage Apothecary is a leading brand and has expertise in making sanitizers for everyday use. It is a multi-purpose sanitizer with the goodness of fresh lemons.

    With a guarantee of killing 99.9% of germs, this is one of the best hand sanitizers available. The constituents include Denatured Alcohol, Aqua, Lemons, and Glycerine to protect your skin from becoming rough. 

  2. Gel-based Hand Sanitizer: The second type of sanitizer is the gel-based one. This means it is thicker than the liquid type. Bewakoof’s collection of gel-based sanitizers are one of the best products in the online market of India.

    If you are looking for an affordable and good quality sanitizer then Bewakoof’s Hand Rub Sanitizing Gel Lemon is the pick for you. It is available in a set of 2 and 3 on the website. 

  3. Spray Sanitizer: Suppose you are traveling from one place to another via train, bus or airplane, how would you ensure that the place you are sitting in is well sanitized and clean? It is your responsibility to re-check every step you make. 

Now make the process easy with spray hand sanitizers. It helps you to re-sanitize a place that could be in the public domain.

Pee Safe, Super Smelly, Raho Safe are some brands that develop good quality spray sanitizer. These products are available on Bewakoof so pick your best deal before it goes out of stock. 

Make sure before touching any surface or coming into contact with unknown places, disinfecting the area is of utmost importance for your as well as others’ safety.

So what are you waiting for? With such a collection of hand sanitizer online, one would not face any problem in purchasing the one of their choices. Head on to the Bewakoof website and grab the latest offers and deals on hand sanitizers. TriBe Members get an additional discount on every product.