N95 Masks

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With major life destruction caused by the deadly disease across the globe, scientists and healthcare professionals are working overtime to contain the spread of the disease. It was observed that people were panic- buying essentials and among those essentials, N95 respirator masks went off the shelves real fast. In this time of need, we are in business to manufacture N95 masks to serve the community. The N95 masks protect you against dust, bacteria, and other harmful particles in the air.

Looking for a good and reliable Safety Mask that will keep you protected.

With a lot of portals selling face masks online, selecting the one that meets all needs becomes really tough. So to ease this, Bewakoof has brought to you N95 Masks. With safety being our priority, precautionary measures are taken across various stages from manufacturing to deliver essential products to our customers to avoid the spread of germs.

All that you need to know about an N95 Mask

Wearing a respiratory protective mask might seem inconvenient, but without it, exposure to airborne particles and other harmful viruses may cause long term respiratory health problems.

Bewakoof N95 Masks are designed to provide purified, filtered air with multiple layers of protection. It covers from your nose to the chin to protect you against droplets, dust, and air pollutants. The inner layer of the mask is made from a soft fabric to avoid rashes or skin allergy. It is designed to enable ease while breathing and provides reliable respiratory protection.

Highlights of the N95 Mask

  • Multiple layers of protection

  • Extended dust holding capacity

  • Helpful against dust, odor, and toxins

  • Soft inner layer for comfort

  • Flat- fold design for easy storage

Why you need an Antibacterial N95 Mask

  • All-round mouth and nose protection

    With the multi-layer design, N95 Masks provide sufficient protection against dust, germs, harmful pollutants, and toxins. It has special filters that have an extended dust holding capacity, ensuring that the mask has a longer shelf life.

  • Flat-fold Design

    Our N95 masks are lightweight and constructed with a soft inner layer for added comfort. The flat foldable design occupies less space and is easier to carry while traveling. The design ensures that the wearer does not experience any kind of fatigue, eventually increasing the wearing time.

  • Comfortable Fit

    N95 masks are designed for a universal fit and are easy to wear and adjust. It has soft elastic loops for a comfortable grip.

  • All-weather friendly

    Keeping in mind the seasonal changes, it is designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort in all seasons. These masks can be worn indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Reusable

    The N95 respirator mask is reusable and can be used for a longer duration. However, one should stop using the mask if they experience difficulty in breathing or if the mask tends to slip due to loose ear loops.

Wear in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Hold ear strings in one hand each creating a concave

Step 2: Place the concave on your face in such a way that your nose, mouth, and chin fill the concave cavity.

Step 3: Pull the strings over your ear, securing the mask in place.

Step 4: Adjust the fabric over the nose so that it sits on the tip of your nose bridge, ensuring a perfect fit and no leakage.

When and Where can one wear our N95 mask?

  • This mask is a perfect outdoor companion and can be worn on a walk or a jog.

  • While making a quick trip to the grocery store and even when visiting the general clinic for a medical check-up. 

  • When traveling from one state or city to another.

  • Commute to work, college, school, academy, etc.

  • On duty in public places.


  • Our reusable N95 mask should not be shared between people. It is made for individual use only.
  • Replace the mask if you face difficulty in breathing
  • Improper use of the mask may cause a health risk
  • Do not expose it to fire
  • Dispose of the mask in a bin, when no longer in use.

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