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The 5 Best Shirts To Wear With A Blue Suit

Suits are a must-have fashion wear in every man’s closet. And no doubts, blue suits reign the fashion game. Be it a formal office meeting, wedding, or an event, blue suits always attract glances and help to stand out.

Suits have always been known to be boring and very formal. When styling a suit for a formal or informal event, all that strikes us is a black or a grey suit. But it’s time to switch from boring to interesting. Blue suits are in trend and just styling it with the right shirt and accessories can amp up your look from boring to cool. From light to dark hues of blue and from slim to modern fit, we have styling tips for all. Worry not as we will leave no questions unanswered by helping you style appropriately for any occasion.

But, before we do that, let’s first choose the right shade of blue suit for you to suit any occasion.

Blue Suits, Different Hues!

Blue suits come in a wide range of hues such as light blue, sky blue, navy blue, royal blue, etc. You can always amp the look with accessories and mix and match according to the occasion. Just the right colour of blue for any occasion can change your look within seconds without any efforts.

  • Dark Blue Suits

    Dark blue suits are best suited for formal occasions and meetings. While styling a dark blue suit, don’t forget to keep the shirt and other accessories equally formal too for a complete look. Dark colour suits can be styled with classic white or pink shirts for men for an all formal look. Pair it with a leather belt, a pair of oxford shoes, and a tie.

  • Light Blue Suits

    Light hues and mid--hues of blue are the most fashionable ones. These are apt for semi-formal and informal events. Pair it with a pair of derby shoes and a tie for a semi-formal event. When going to a party, style it with a pair of loafers and a smartwatch.

  • Pastel Blue Suits

    Pastel hues of blue provide an attractive look when styled for a morning wedding or informal event. These give a fresh look for informal occasions. Pair them with light shade shirts. To add a pop of colour, pair a bright colour tie with a blue suit combination that will define the look and help stand out.

These are not rules to follow but just a suggestive guide so that you don’t have to think much when you are styling your blue suit. You can surely explore various other hues and mix and match as per your choice.

The Perfect Fit

A suit changes the look of the wearer and gives a chic and proper shape to the body. Suits in general suit everyone and add to the overall look. But, while styling a suit for any occasion, it is also important to look at the fit factor. The way a suit fits on a body also defines the looks and makes it edgy. So, it is also necessary to check for the fitting of the suit when styling it.

Read on as we guide you on how to choose the perfect blue suit.

  • Slim Fit

    A slim fit suit, as the name suggests, offers a slim and sleek fit to the wearer. It provides a narrow yet comfortable fit at the chest and the waist. Slim fit blue suit combination is an amazing option when heading for a casual party or event. Pair it with a light yellow shirt and you are ready to slay.

  • Classic Fit

    This is the most trendy fit type of all. It provides a comfortable and chic overall look. Appropriate for both formal and informal events, the classic fit blue suit can be paired with a pair of trousers for formal meetings and chinos for a casual day out.

  • Modern Fit

    A modern fit suit type is one that stands between a slim fit and a classic fit suit. For all men who don’t want to style a slim fit suit but still want to be on the stylish edge without compromising on comfort can choose the modern fit suit. You can go dressy for a wedding or stay just casual and cool with a modern fit suit. Pair it with pastel shirts for men. Add a pop of colour with a bright yellow or red tie and slay any occasion in style.

5 Best Shirts To Slay With A Blue Suit

1. White Shirt

White Shirts for Men - Blue Suite Combination
Source - urbanmenoutfits

A classic white shirt is a must-have in every man’s closet. Be it any occasion, a white shirt just goes well with all outfits. The beauty of white shirts for men is that you can get dressy with a white shirt as per the occasion. White shirts are always a yes-yes for days when you are unsure about what to pair with your blue suit. A blue suit paired with a white shirt offers a chic look.

  • Pair a blue suit with a classic white shirt for a crisp and classy formal look. Add a polka dots tie. Complete the look with white shoes and a smartwatch.
  • For a more up to the mark formal wear, style a blue suit with a white shirt, a pair of black or brown oxford shoes, and a striped grey or blue tie.
  • Slay a casual-chic look with a white shirt and blue suit combination. Team it with a pair of canvas shoes and wayfarers for a classy look for a casual event.
  • Style a blue suit with a self-weave white shirt for some character and an edgy look. Add a plain blue tie or bow. Complete the look with a pair of derby shoes. Drop jaws all day in style.

2. Blue Shirt

Blue Shirt With Blue Suit
Source - dmarge

Blue on blue works as an amazing combination. A dark blue suit with a light blue shirt offers an attractive overall look. Blue shirts are the best to pick if you don't have a white shirt. An all blue shirt and suit combination provides a clean look.

  • Style a blue suit combination with a light blue shirt. Add a dark blue tie and a pair of derby shoes for a formal look. Add cufflinks for a more formal appearance.
  • Pair a blue suit with a pale blue shirt, espadrilles, and a smartwatch for a semi-formal look.
  • For an evening wedding or party, pair a blue suit with a bright blue shirt. Add a striped red tie and a pair of loafers to complete the look.
  • For a travel-friendly look, pair a blue suit combination with a pale blue shirt and a polka tie for some style. Don’t forget the sunglasses and the trolley bag.

3. Pink Shirt

Pink Shirt with Blue Suit
Source - dailymail

Pink colour shirts for men are trending this season. They offer a bold statement and an overall refreshing look. Pink shirts can be a great option for both summer and winter styling. Though pink shirts look amazing with black and grey hues, they also look amazing with blue suit combinations. Pair a pink shirt with a blue suit for a formal event or a morning wedding and drop jaws.

  • Style a light blue suit with a pink checkered shirt and a pink tie and slay at any wedding event or party.
  • Style a blue suit with a light pink shirt and striped blue tie. Add a pair of brown loafers for a complete stylish semi-formal look.
  • Pair a navy blue suit with a pink shirt and a pair of derby shoes. Add a plain blue tie for a formal meeting.
  • For a casual or funky look, pair a light shade blue suit with a pink shirt and a funky printed tie. Add a hat for a complete look.

4. Grey Shirt

Grey Shirt with Blue Suit
Source - thetrendspotter

While styling a blue suit, grey shirts are sure to be a must-have. While grey shirts look amazing with black suits, it’s also correct to say that grey shirts with blue suits make a great styling pair. Be it a formal meeting, or a party with friends, blue suits and grey shirts are a big yes. Add some accessories as per the occasion and you are ready to slay.

  • Team a grey shirt with a blue suit combination for a minimal cool look. Add a watch and a pair of loafers to complete the semi-formal chic look.
  • Team a blue suit with a checkered grey shirt and a pair of cool shoes for a casual day event.
  • Pair a blue suit with a grey shirt. Add a red tie for some contrast. Accessorise with a watch for an informal event.
  • Pair a dark blue suit with a grey shirt. Add a dark blue tie for an overall formal look. You can also add cufflinks and a leather belt for a more formal look.

5. Printed Shirt

Printed Shirt with blue suit
Source - staticflickr

Blue suits with printed shirts for men can offer the much needed lift to your look. While plain shirts have always been in fashion, it’s also good to try printed shirts to amp your style. Prints on shirts come in various forms such as stripes, texture, patterns, floral, etc. You can choose from a large range and select the ones that would suit you best. When styling a printed shirt with a blue suit, make sure to choose colours that would look amazing with blue. Prints on whites, grey and blue are some options you can choose to style effortlessly with a blue suit.

  • Pair a blue suit with a white printed shirt. Amp up the look by styling it with a plain blue tie and a leather belt. Add a pair of oxford shoes when heading for a meeting.
  • Pair an all-blue look by styling a blue suit combination with a printed blue shirt. Add a blue tie and a pair of loafers for a casual day out or an informal event.
  • Pair a blue suit with a grey striped shirt. Striped shirts offer a classy and sleek look. Add a pair of canvas shoes and wayfarers for a complete look.
  • Pair a blue suit with a pastel printed shirt. Add a pair of shoes and a hat for a casual-chic look.

Here were a few tips to help you slay a blue suit for any occasion. These are surely not the only style options. You can mix and match as per your need.

Style your blue suits on and slay all day. Team them with your favourite shirt and a pair of shoes and you are ready to turn heads.

Hope you found this a good read and added a few styling options to your list.

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