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Casual Shirts for men trending this season

Excited about the upcoming party season, but worries about wardrobe woes? Let’s give you style sheet to slay it at every party with our top-picks in Casual Shirts for Men, your perfect wingman! 

For a while now the weather has been awful, hot, humid or just sudden showers, but now we are in the best part of the year! Why you ask? Come on, from Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and finally the New Year’s Eve this is the time to ride the social roller coaster. So basically that means your calendar is going to be full of party invites, winter formals, hopefully (fingers crossed) dates that you got from the people you met in these parties.

So what does all of this mean? You need a fabulous Smart Casual wardrobe to wow all of your social commitments! So let us save you a serious case of the wardrobe woes and give you a style sheet that’ll have you covered. But first let’s start with why a shirt? Ever heard about the charm of a guy in a crisp shirt, well it is saying for a reason. Because not only are shirts versatile, both in terms of the number of options but also in the places you can wear it to. They instantly give you a smart and casual look, they’re modern and minimal at the same time. So now you know why we’re pitching for shirts.

Here are our top style of casual shirts that you absolutely cannot miss out on this season:

  1. Pique Shirt - When it comes to shirts, especially if your style is casual there is one absolute no-brainer is a Pique Shirt. It is strong and smart fabric, so it makes you look laidback but not like you don’t care. Also, another beauty of this fabric is its versatility, from the classic polo neck, to a mandarin collar it all blends well.

    Not only that it is also easier to style, based on what your plans are, you can pair it with denim, chinos, cargo shorts and it’ll look like a well thought out ensemble. There’s no fuss and muss with accessories either, go with the usual sneakers or flip flops and you’re set. If you’re wearing a full-sleeve then maybe you won’t need a jacket, but if you’re wearing half-sleeves, or just get the chills easy then team it up with a jacket to finish.

    You can sport these anywhere from your dates, cookouts, a brunch with colleagues or even a weekend dinner.

  2. Camouflage Linen Slim Fit Shirt - Looking to wear a shirt for the fit and the suave style but don’t want to compromise on your trademark eccentricity? We’ve got the best of both worlds for you, with this must have! With the camouflage print making a great comeback with the 90’s grunge trend being re-invented. This classic print with a smart looking linen fabric make for an unusually wonderful combination that will really up your style game quite a few notches.

    This can be best paired with your denim, even a light coloured chino would do it. Go for sneakers or a little rough around the edges looking shoe and that’s all you need. You can sling a cool laptop bag with this, or just put on your shades and you have yourself a wardrobe hit. You can also layer this look with a jacket, but try to make sure that the colour is not too attention seeking or it will take away from the shirt.

    You can totally pull this off at work, but preferably on a casual friday. Or else it’s a perfect statement making piece for your weekend social event, or even a date where you want to make an unforgettable impression!

  3. Longline Denim Shirt - This is one of those, if I had a dollar for every time someone said this, kind of statement. But come on! It’s the denim shirt, it is no less than iconic, and you know it! So let’s tell you all about it one more time, but there is a twist - We’ve taken the classic favourite and given it a modern touch. With a longline cut and a mandarin collar, which makes this rugged edit a chic and contemporary outfit.

    This edit looks amazing by itself, particularly with joggers and jeans. But if layering is more your game, especially because it’s the season you can just slip it over a basic black tee and you’ll be single-handedly raising the temperature around.They also work great with cargo short. And just put on your shoes, grab your shades and voila!

    It’s a charming outfit for pretty much any casual scene. We’re not even kidding! From dates, casual workdays, coffee dates, brunch, whatever you can think of.

  4. Checkered Shirt - Sometimes even if you are a conscious dresser and like to stay on the top of the trends, there are just some days when you want to take it easy, and just be laidback, but you still want to look cool. For those days, your go to “chill and yet stylish in a nonchalant way” buddy is the checked shirt. It comes in a lot of pattern like tartan plaid and houndstooth so you have options to choose according to your style preference, it also comes in versatile cotton fabrics, like twill and oxford. You can always count on a checked shirt for a spiffy look.

    How to pair it? This essential has been around for a long time. So from your formal wardrobe for work, with trousers and a tucked in look. Or with your denims for all your everyday adventures, or with chinos, cotton pants. Especially around this time of the year, with a thicker fabric you can add it to your t-shirt and just wander off looking all casual and fabulous for an evening out on the town.

    So in conclusion, shirts are the only wingman you need to rock your social calendar this season. Wear them to dates, to parties to cookouts. Wear them with tees, or jackets or just strut them by themselves. Every time you sport a shirt, you’ll be slaying it. Just a handy tip though, a little touch of chivalry goes even better with a shirt! There you’re guys get ready to own it!
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