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What to wear with denim shirt – 5 classic denim shirt combinations

Still wondering about  what to wear with denim shirt for your next outing with friends or family? Read our style post to learn about how to rock a jeans shirt combination, and stand out in the crowd as an absolute head-turner! These denim shirt combinations are ideal for your wardrobe.

It is quite obvious that every lady would want to look great when she leaves her house for the day. However, with our busy schedules, we hardly get time to take care of our looks. Moreover, shopping would prove to be another hectic job as everything may appear to be the same and nothing just fits your choice.

Nonetheless, if you have a denim shirt you have it all and you could style it anyway you wish. In fact, with denim shirt fashion, you could effortlessly look stunning every day. If you have ever wondered what to wear with denim shirt sitting in your closet, then we have put together this blog to let you know of the different ways for how to style a denim shirt.

Denim Shirt Combinations For A Casual Look

Most people shy away at the thought of wearing denim shirts because they think they are quite hard to style. However, styling denim shirts is not rocket science and you just need to know the basics to put all the pieces of your attire together. So let’s do it the casual way because there is nothing more comfortable than denim shirts during spring and summer.

  1. Denim Shirt Over Dress- The coolest casual add-on!

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    Denim shirt over dress may not obviously sound like a match made in heaven. Nonetheless, if you think again, it is not as odd as it sounds. So how to wear denim shirt over a dress?  We would ask you to go for a black, navy floral or lightweight dress. Tie the shirt for that extra pulled together casual look. Additionally, this may even provide an extra bit of warmth. On the other hand, if you have a striped maxi dress at home, layering a denim shirt over it would be a great way to accentuate your look. This style works the best when your maxi dress is a bit strappy and uncomfortable. Make sure to button up and tie the shirt at your waist. Wearing a cardigan over a mini dress is out of fashion and a new denim shirt outfit has overtaken it. Pull it over a mini dress and leave the buttons open. This denim shirt style would look super cute when paired with a bodycon dress.

  2. Denim Shirt With Skirt - Add that extra flounce!

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    Skirts are yet another piece of women’s attire that goes well with the denim shirts. If you are tired of the tomboy look that the denim shirt with jeans provides, it is time to get a girly look with these beautiful denim shirt combinations with different types of skirts. Are you a creative person? Well, if you are then it is time to put your creativity to work. Pairing a denim shirt with a tulle skirt gives you an overall classic and creative look. Moreover, this funky look is perfect when going on a day out with your date.

    Most women love the idea of pairing a denim shirt with a mini skirt. Though tucking it provides an oversized look, you could even tuck it in for a more peppy appearance. Stripes and bold colours make a great match with denim shirts so don’t hesitate from experimenting. On the other hand, if you are going for a high-waist skirt, remember to tie up your shirt.

    Combining a denim shirt with a floral print skirt will give you a classic feminine look. Add on simple accessories like a clutch, a simple bracelet and put on your best high-heels. When going for a late night dinner, try to put on a pair of statement earrings and wedges rather than high-heels.

3 Trendy Pants To Wear With Denim Shirt

No matter what, whenever you ask yourself what pants to wear with denim shirt, there is only one thing that always strikes your mind – Pants. However, you would still be confused about how to wear denim shirts for women with the right kind of pants. To clear your mind of all the doubts, we have brought down the ultimate checklist of pants and jeans outfits to wear with denim shirts.

  1. Denim Shirt And Jeans –Buy into the denim on denim trend!

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    Denim on denim fashion has always been in trend. But once you put on a denim shirt and jeans, say no to any other denim accessories. This means that there should be no denim shoes or denim handbags included in your outfit. However, during winters, you could put over a long navy blue coat to add more layers to your attire. On the other hand, you could even choose to wear denim outfits in different shades. For instance, go for a dark shaded loose jeans and a denim shirt of the lighter shade.

  2. Denim Shirt And Black Jeans - A combination that always rocks!

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    Of all the ways to wear a denim shirt, there is no other colour in this world as versatile as black. Black goes with almost all types of attires and also with denim shirts. Pairing a denim shirt and black jeans is always a safe choice that you could make. However, rather than opting for regular black jeans, try getting your hands on some distressed variants. To accessorise your look, include some silver jewellery and you are all set to go.

  3. Denim Shirt And Trousers - The ‘Easy to Please’ combination!

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    Denim on denim style goes well in this case too. However, for classier denim shirts outfits, try to grab some printed denim shirts and ripped denim trousers. Wide leg trousers of bold colours work well with denim shirts but make sure to tuck the shirt in.

    If you’re looking at bell-bottom trousers, be sure to tuck your denim shirt right into your trousers and top this look off with a snazzy belt. The idea of opting for bell-bottoms might seem old-fashioned, but you may have heard that ‘old is gold!’ In this case, it most definitely is! Try it out.

Denim shirt combinations can be tricky and quite confusing. But now that you know what to wear with denim shirt and how to wear a denim shirt with jeans, it is time to get that long forgotten denim shirt out from the corner of your wardrobe. Mix it, match it, and try out different styles every day. Nonetheless, if you still feel confused about how to wear denim shirts for women, you have this blog post here, made right for you. So go ahead and rock that denim shirt fashion with confidence!

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