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Owning the latest gadget always gives a different high to a person, especially when it is a smartphone. Today, in the 21st century, it isn't easy to imagine our lives without phones. From calling to messaging to ordering food, life is simpler with technology. The same kind of technology can be seen with phone covers. Yes, shielding your expensive phone is absolutely necessary. 


Several smartphones are available in the market today. Samsung, Apple, Redmi, One Plus, and the list goes on. Investing in any technology is great, but whenever the gadgets get damaged, it tends to burden our pockets. Therefore, protecting these is of paramount importance. Redmi Note 5 Pro is one smartphone that fits your budget and brings the latest technology in your hands. 


Redmi Note 5 Pro

If you are investing so much in a phone and some breakage occurs, it is heart-wrenching. The repair cost is sometimes even higher than the actual price of the phone. Are you sure that you are okay in taking such a risk? If not, then we have a simple solution for you!


To shield your Redmi smartphone, we bring to you a wide range of Bewakoof’s Xiaomi Back Covers. These covers are the best to compliment your personalities. We offer a range of designer Redmi Note 5 Pro back covers to match with your personality. They are customized for your phone and designed with the latest style in mind. But, most of all, our covers are made of top-notch quality. 


Why does your phone need back cover protection?  


If you still think having phone covers are not your requirement, then read these following reasons that we have compiled for you: 


1. Saves you the repairing cost: Buying a smartphone is not a cheap option but giving it for repairs adds to the financial burden. Why worry when you can save the repair cost by just adding Bewakoof’s cover to it? Now imagine your phone breaks twice in two months as it was not protected by a case. Won't you be devastated? Also, it keeps your phone new like it was when you took it out from the box. 


2. Get the grip you need: Our Redmi Note 5 Pro case gives your hands the grip they need to hold it firm. Slippy edges are one of the major causes that phones usually experience external damage. And sometimes the destruction is such that it hampers with the display and inner components of the phone. To save you from all this trouble, investing in a case is a plausible option. Whether you are taking a picture from the top of the mountain or taking a selfie at home, the grip to hold a phone tight is all you need. And it it not just for Xiaomi Covers, for all brands like OnePlus Back Covers, Samsung Back Covers and more.


3. Scratch Protection: Our phones are mostly kept on uneven surfaces daily. This adds to a lot of scratches on the back of the phone. Also, sometimes the color from the back of your phone fades away. Why let this happen when you have a perfect solution. 


4. Adding style to your phone: With our Redmi Note 5 Pro back covers, you can give your phone the style it needs. Covers with Poo Mobile Covers, dreamcatchers, Pika Pika Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Mobile Cover, superheroes, etc. can display a lot about your personality. 

Choosing the right case for your phone


Now, when you know the importance of a phone cover, here is a list helping you with picking the right cover for you: 


1. Analyze your protection need: Before choosing a cover for your phone, try to evaluate your protection needs. If you are a traveller or a hiker, you need a cover that protects your phone from basic damages, dust, and high falls. If you are a person who spends most of the time over calls and usually does not go out, then you need a cover that shields your phone from basic damages. As per your lifestyle and working needs, you can choose the right cover for your smartphone. 


2. Select your price range: There are phone covers available with a different price range. However, as per your need, you can always select your price diameter. Our phone back covers like Apple Covers or OnePlus Covers or Xiaomi or even any other brand, falls under the nominal price range and ensures all your needs are met. 


3. Know the quality you are looking for: We believe, regardless of the price range, one should never compromise on the quality of anything in life. The same rule applies to phone covers. It is always great to invest a little more and get a product that does not compromise on quality and stays the same for long rather than buying a cheap cover that might break in a couple of weeks.  



Here at Bewakoof, we blend funky style with quality to give you the cover you were looking for. We bet, the designs you will find on our website will not be available anywhere else at such competitive prices. The style options and colour designs of covers presented by Bewakoof are second to none. You can choose your cover from a choice of memes, quotes, or patterns of your choice. 


Bewakoof is the perfect place that provides phones with the safest shield they need. We also provide customers with the option of Cash On Delivery and UPI to make the payment. If you do not like a product, easy return and refund options are available. For us, customer satisfaction matters the most. But, as we are known for our quality and price, we assure you that you will not be disappointed with Bewakoof’s any mobile accessories. So, what are you waiting for? Start putting your phone covers to the cart, and hit the buy button.

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