Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Mobile Glass Covers

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One moment you are flaunting your phone and the next it just slips off your hand. Remember the exact moment when your phone has the nasty fall and along with the display, your heart breaks into pieces too. Every person that has ever owned a smartphone will know the pain when they helplessly witnessed their favorite phone slip from their hand and crash and land straight on the ground. That's when they realize the importance of protecting their phone.

According to a British study on damaged phones, British citizens spent £30 (₹ 2800 approximately) to get their phones fixed. This is more or less the same amount one would pay to get their touch screens replaced in India. By 2021, India is expected to have approximately 76 Cr smartphone users, according to a Statista report. Imagine even if 1 Cr of these people damaged their phones and approached a service center for repair in any given year, the repair costs alone would run into several hundred crores each year.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Glass Back Cover 

Redmi Note 5 Pro has been around for a while now. It’s one of the best-selling Xiaomi phones in India. If you have recently bought this phone or already own one, then you must save the phone from, well, damages and whatnot. Phone damages are not intentional, but they just happen. Good mobile covers can minimize accidental damages to your phone by a huge margin. All you have to do is check for our huge range of Redmi Note 5 Pro glass back covers. They are not just stylish but also ensure the safety of your phone. As a matter of fact, you must add a Redmi Note 5 Pro glass cover as soon as you order the phone. 

Take a walk around our huge collection of Note 5 Pro glass covers and you’ll be spoilt for choices. The range is so wide that you will be tempted to buy not just one but more. If you like the Batman or Dark Knight franchise then we will ensure you show your love for your favorite character. DC or Marvel have divided legions of fans, show your allegiance to your favorite heroes. If you want a minimalistic design you are welcome to choose from the wide array of designs. The collection is endless just like your imagination.

Not sure why you should buy Xiaomi Back Covers? We have the answer to solve your confusion and ensure the glass back cover for Redmi Note 5 Pro does its job of protecting your phone.

Why buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro back cover?

Tempered glass back with a glossy finish: When it comes to protecting your phone, nothing compares to the feel of a tempered glass back. Unlike materials like plastic, silicone, and rubber, glass has a smooth, polished finish that looks and feels fine on hands. As opposed to non-glass back covers, which can fade or chip after a few months, tempered glass retains its colors for years. It is also four to five times stronger than other materials, including standard glass and does not break into sharp pieces when it fails. Tempered glass significantly reduces the appearance of fingerprints and smudges on your phone.

Rubber edges for a soft landing and a good grip: What’s a back cover without a good grip? Your phone is expensive and losing a grip can cause it to fall and get damaged. At Bewakoof be it Apple Covers or Oneplus Covers or Xiaomi covers, all have rubber edges that help you keep the phone safely on any surface without any worry of slipping and for a good grip on your hands.

Easy access to standard buttons and ports: A back case should be able to give you a comprehensive and free-access to all standard buttons and ports. It should not interfere with sensors and be compatible with regular chargers and headphones. Our glass-back case offers you all of this in a much better way than you can imagine.

Sleek profile: The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro glass cover combines beautiful design, powerful protection, and above all a slim profile— all these to ensure your phone looks stunning and luxurious. The glass case is designed to provide not just complete protection, but also to keep your phone light with its thin profile. Let us take an example of Vintage Butterflies Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Glass Mobile Cover, it has all that one needs in a back cover.

If you are on the search for a stunning Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro glass back cover, then we have got you covered. Bewakoof.com has different kinds of glass covers that’ll spoil you for choice.

Praise Worthy: We understand the importance of mobile phones and the role they play in people’s lives. That’s why we have launched a huge range of Redmi Note 5 Pro mobile glass covers in a range of colors and designs with high definition printing that matches your personality. Find vibrant colors, quirky designs, movie themes and characters, animes, and funny one-liners all on your Redmi Note 5 Pro glass covers. And the best part is, you can get such amazing collection for other back covers as well like Samsung Covers, Vivo Covers, Oppo Covers and more.

Impactful protection, excellent workmanship: Note 5 Pro glass covers are made of layers of toughened glass that can absorb most shocks and impacts. Each back cover undergoes a series of tests before being dispatched to customers to ensure you get what you ordered for. The matte finish with high definition printing is sure to get your phone loads of attention.  

Check our comprehensive range of Redmi Note 5 Pro glass covers and buy the one you like. We are adding new designs, colors, and materials every day.

Why Should You Buy Back Covers at Bewakoof.com?

If you have the phone, we have the covers. As soon as a phone hits the market, our designers start working on designing the best back covers that will complement your phone. Choose from a range of phone covers for your Redmi Note 5 Pro mobile phone. If you have recently ordered a Redmi Note 5 Pro phone, check our unlimited range of back covers. If you don’t like it, then you can return or exchange it within 15 days. For more discounts than what you see on each of the Redmi Note 5 back covers, you can sign up to become a TriBe member today! Lastly, don't forget to check out our other categories like Small Backpacks, Laptop Bags, Notebooks and more. Happy Shopping!