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11 Different Types of Shirts Every Man Should Own | A Complete Guide

Getting ready for an important meeting at work or for a rendezvous at the local bar, your stack of shirts has got your back! A staple in every wardrobe, people often underestimate the power of a well-fitted shirt. Your attire makes up for your first impression and boosts your confidence and thus needs to be properly planned.

We will break some myths about Men’s clothing being simple and less extensive. Snitch is one of the mens clothing brands offering menswear at an affordable price. Different occasions and seasons warrant different types of shirts and believe us your fashion game is about to go to a whole new level as you crack this style code.

To create a wardrobe catering to all your needs, we shall take a tour of different types of shirts for men.

Take out a notepad and start taking notes fella, we are adding not just shirts but pizzazz to your daily life!

1. Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt

You can rarely go wrong with these classic types of shirts.

Made with a kind of basketweave fabric, the oxford cloth is thicker than a formal shirt. An Oxford button-down shirt is a must in your wardrobe as it is a perfect balance between casual and smart.

  • The rich texture of the shirt makes it a sumptuous addition to your closet. This men’s shirt looks refined in pastel shades but you’ll find it in a variety of colors and can choose the one to your liking.
  • The shirt also usually has a hanger loop at the back yoke making it easy to store.
  • The Oxford button-down shirt, known for the buttons holding the collar in place, is a versatile type of shirt for men. It can be paired with chinos and brogues for grabbing dinner and drinks with friends or family.

Tip: Even though the Oxford shirt looks quite sharp, we don’t suggest it for professional events like board meetings or interviews.

This timeless essential will save a lot of your time spent thinking about “what to wear” to the sudden house party invite you received.

2. Dress Shirt

Dress Shirt - types of shirts | Bewakoof Blog
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You won’t hear the end of compliments with the right dress shirt tucked in a smart tuxedo.

One of the most sought after men’s shirt styles, a dress shirt will be your partner in crime as you smile your way through important events.

  • Featuring a cutaway collar and french cuffs, a dress shirt is a no-brainer for important celebrations.
  • Jazz up your formal outfit with cufflinks and formal dress shoes.
  • The bib in front of the dress shirts will give it a smooth look when worn under the tuxedo jacket.

Tip: Don’t forget an elegant tie or bow to bring your look together. Pamper yourself with a crisp white dress shirt and be a catch at social events.

3. Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt - types of shirts | Bewakoof Blog
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Cool, casual, and chequered is a spiffy style statement.

The utility of flannel shirts makes them a closet compulsion. These types of shirts are used for layering and to pack in some warmth.

  • Woven from cotton or wool, these shirts are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Flannels make for stylish shirt and t-shirt combinations.
  • These shirts are perfect for picnics, hangout sessions with friends and family, or travel. You can pair flannels with denim for a classy look.
  • The flannel radiates a chill vibe and is best to wear in a non-formal setting. The flannel fabric is slightly raised providing good insulation and keeping you toasty.

Tip: To have a more lumberjack look, pair the flannel shirt with ripped denim pants, boots and a hat.

Scroll through some fashion shopping apps to get your hands on some fantastic flannels shirts.

4. Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt - types of shirts | Bewakoof Blog

Categorized as everyday wear, denim shirts make you look refreshing in a crowd.

Who said denim is just for bottomwear? These types of shirts have a very distinct style. A sustainable piece of clothing, denim might fade with time but will always look dapper.

  • If you want to avoid the denim on denim pairing iconized by Britteny Spears and Justin Timberlake, you can wear these shirts with chinos or a contrasting pair of jeans.
  • A pair of white jeans with a denim shirt is an extremely stylish look. Denim shirts add texture to your outfit and is a fun experiment piece for you to fashionably step out of the box.
  • You can layer your denim shirt over plain tees and curate a charming outfit.
  • Though you can wear it all year round, denim accentuates your look in pre-winter seasons.

Tip: You can accessorize these types of casual shirts with bracelets for a hint of street style.

Your fashion choices with denim shirts are boundless and you’ll have a dynamic addition to your wardrobe.

5. Linen Shirts

Linen Shirts - types of shirts | Bewakoof Blog
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Debonair and dashing, linen shirts will be your next fashion obsession.

The airy and breathable fabric is your summer season bonanza. Investing in a linen shirt is definitely worth it because of the sheer elegance of the fabric.

  • You can wear your linen shirt during summer getaways. Pastel linen shirts look suave when paired with khakis or solid jeans.
  • Throwing on an open linen shirt while sunbathing by a beach will definitely attract some eyeballs.
  • Linen shirts are light and comfortable and will be your favorite pick for relaxing on hot days. Out of different types of shirts, linen always looks flattering. With a linen shirt, you can rarely go wrong because we know you won’t pair it with denim!

Tip: You can wear a white shirt for a summer day wedding. It is one of the best shirts to wear with a blue suit for an unconventional festive outfit.

6. Camp Collared Short Sleeve Shirt

Camp Collared Short Sleeve Shirt - types of shirts | Bewakoof Blog
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Versatile, trendy and a summer must-have, is how we would define camp collared shirts.

Talking about summers, we can’t leave out the classic short sleeve shirt sporting a spread collar. These types of shirts for men come in a plethora of options - from solid colors to all-out prints, giving you a choice to pick out a design that matches your personality and vibe.

  • These breezy shirts are a summer staple and can be paired with shorts or jeans depending on the occasion.
  • Complete your chill look by picking up loafers instead of sneakers and relax. For a little dressier occasion, you can pick out a patterned shirt, a pair of chinos, and jazz up your look with a fedora.
  • This shirt is a basic fix for all your clothing conundrums. It will be a versatile clothing item, readying you in no time.

Tip: Tuck a camp collar shirt into your swim trunks and rock it with espadrilles. Add a canvas tote bag, a straw hat and chunky accessories for a beach-ready look.

7. Chambray

Chambray shirts are simply sophisticated as they sound.

Oftentimes mistaken for denim, chambray have a fundamental difference in their fabric. The plain weave of Chambray results in a lighter material, making it a dude favorite.

  • Chambray can be paired with almost anything and look lovely.
  • Usually fashioned casually, the Chambray shirt can be paired with a blazer for a more put-together look.
  • Though chambray is easy to style, it requires effort to choose varying shades of bottomwear to accentuate your look. The color range in Chambray shirts includes a lot of blues and greys, so pick out complimenting pants and you are ready for the day.

Tip: Couple these laidback types of shirts with loafers or slip-on shoes to keep the tone of the outfit congruent.

8. Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is a wardrobe wizard that can be worn with anything and everything.

The iconic brand has made an individual place for their shirts in the fashion world. Available in a multitude of colors, you can choose your favorite ones.

  • These shirts are not strictly formal but can graciously clean up nicely at parties or small festivities.
  • From shorts to sweatpants, a Polo shirt is stitched for your comfort. Amongst shirts for men, a solid polo shirt is a limitless item of clothing.
  • You can fashion it as you like and it will not fail to make you look good. The woven fabric of a polo shirt with the pointed collar sets it apart from more casual shirts and thus you can confidently wear it outside your homes.

Tip: Pair an open collar polo shirt with chinos and loafers and you’re living your best old money Jetsetter life.

9. Cuban Collar Shirt

Cuban Collar Shirt - types of shirts | Bewakoof Blog

Cuban collared shirts - Add a little retro spice to your outfits.
Decked with short sleeves and an open collar, these types of shirts are an exotic addition to your topwear.

  • Along with some fine styling, these shirts can be prepped for your summer celebrations.From basic to prints, you can choose the look and feel you like.
  • The shirt can be paired with loose pants or jeans for a laidback and comfortable look. Don’t layer this shirt with anything because that will hide its signature collar.
  • This shirt is a creative piece of clothing and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Enjoy a nice summer afternoon with your Cuban collar unbuttoned from the top.

Tip: Choose the fit of this straight hemmed shirt with a little caution. With a half sleeve shirt, the fit around the arm does the trick by making you look sharp.

10. Mandarin Collar Shirt

Mandarin Collar Shirt - types of shirts | Bewakoof Blog
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Bring on your classy game with a mandarin collared shirt.

The band collar shirt looks exceptionally sophisticated at formal events. Be it an engagement party or your own engagement, the mandarin collar shirt will be a fine choice.

  • This modern men’s shirt style keeps you away from the hassles of ties and bows. These types of shirts can be worn with crisply creased trousers for a professional look.
  • For a semi-formal gathering, pair the shirt with chinos or fitted jeans and you are all set.
  • A white shirt and blue jeans is a classic look you cannot go wrong with.
  • Worn with a pair of dress shoes, your mandarin collar look will steal a lot of attention.

Tip: Rolling up your sleeves towards the end of your party will be an alpha move (thank us later)!

11. Henley Shirt

Henley Shirt - types of shirts | Bewakoof Blog
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Last-minute plan? Road Trip with friends finally happening? Chilling in your room all day?
Whatever may be the occasion, your henley shirt is an answer to everything.

  • A handsome cross between different styles of shirts - a t-shirt, polo shirt, and a pullover - a Henley shirt looks so tempting to not have it hanging in your wardrobe.
  • A Henley shirt is the ultimate choice for the pre-winter season. You can fashion it with jeans, joggers, shorts, or anything under the sky and you’ll look super cool.

Tip: Henley shirts are also great for wearing under sweatshirts and jackets to pack in some extra warmth. There is a wide variety of Henley shirts you can choose from to add color, style, and variety to your closet!

We have spilled all the Tee about shirts and now the job is yours. You need to find the right fit for your body type, style, and vibe. All these different types of shirt names may confuse you while buying, but focus on what suits you best.

We have prepared you to traverse the world of shirts with confidence and style. Now we won’t tell you how to arrange your closet after all the shopping you have just done!

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