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7 Waistcoat with Jeans Styles Outfit Ideas For Men

Read about the different outfit ideas for pairing waistcoat and jeans. Discover all looks ranging from casual to peppy by understanding how to style waistcoat with jeans. Read along for more outfit ideas on waistcoat fashion right here, right now!

What are your thoughts about pairing waistcoat with jeans? No? Seems like a mismatch, doesn’t it?

Well, let me tell you that pairing up a waistcoat and jeans is in trend right now. This formal and casual blend is a style that you would be seeing a lo1t more of. However, if you would like to try this style, you need to know a bit of the basic in order to do it properly.

The waistcoat has been long considered an attire suitable only for formal events. Thus, a waistcoat is usually paired with a typical suit. To customise the look, people may even try putting on a white or black tie. However, fashion has taken an immense leap in the recent years and waistcoats are part of the trendsetting casual and formal blend. If you’re wondering how to wear a waistcoat with jeans, don’t worry! We’re here to help you to figure out making different outfits with waistcoats.

Making Waistcoat And Jeans Combination:

Waistcoat And Jeans Combination - Bewakoof Blog

When you have decided to take on the waistcoat and jeans look for the day, there are a few tricks and tips that we would want you to follow if you want to look as aesthetic as ever. As a matter of fact, these tricks will help you keep everything well fitted and stand more on the smart side.

When pairing your waist coat with jeans, make sure that your jeans are skinny and slim. Lastly, your footwear is going to decide how you look after all. Penny loafers, derbies, brogues, and monk straps make a good pair with waistcoat and jeans.

Styling Black Waistcoat With Jeans:

Styling Black Waistcoat With Jeans - Bewakoof Blog

Want to take a stroll around the city wearing a waistcoat. Think no further. Grab your black waistcoat and jeans and put it on along with a patterned shirt and a black satin jacket. To complete the look go for the ruby oxford shoes and cool looking sunglasses.

On the other hand, if it is a smart casual look that you would like to achieve, then incorporating a blue shirt with silver tie, black waistcoat and dark blue jeans will give you the perfect look. Finish the look with a pair of brown loafers and a handkerchief if you have one.

A lot of eyes are going to follow you as you walk down the street. So, get your waistcoat and jeans and shoes outfit right!

Waistcoat And Jeans With Tie For Men - Formal & Casual Fashion Fix:

Waistcoat And Jeans With Tie For Men - Bewakoof Blog

Wearing a tie with the jeans and waistcoat is considered one of the best options to look dressy. But can you pull it off easily?

Well if you can’t we are here to help you. Expand the waistcoat with jeans combination to incorporate classy ties! Ties are known to make every man appear dressy and smart and a great way to wear them is after pairing them up with jeans. However, the tie should have some kind of texture in order to attain a vibrant look. Usually, knit and cotton ties would do the magic in these case. To finish the look, add a waistcoat to your attire.

This makes a great look for an evening date or a casual day at work.

Waistcoat With Jeans And Shirt – For A Casual Look:

Waistcoat With Jeans And Shirt -  Bewakoof Blog

Jeans is considered casual, while waistcoats are considered formal. But if you blend both these attires together, will you be able to achieve a casual waistcoat fashion?

Well, yes you can. All you have to do to achieve that casual look is to steer clear of the shiny fabrics and matching colours that are parts of formality. Additionally, go for a single-breasted waistcoat made out of tweed or corduroy.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the waistcoat not being the right fit, or a bit smaller in length. As it is a casual look that you require, throw on a pair of slim fitting jeans, a shirt and waistcoat and you are good to go.

White Shirt, Waistcoat And Jeans Combination:

White Shirt, Waistcoat And Jeans Combination - Bewakoof Blog

Every man loves their white shirt. No matter how old their white shirt is, they find this urge to wear it at least once a week. So why should you abandon your white shirt when wearing a waistcoat?

In fact, white shirt when wore with an off-white coloured jeans, and navy blue waistcoat make a perfect combination when you need to look nautical and preppy. On the other hand, if you love the Victorian theme with a bow tie and braces, put on a beige waistcoat over your white shirt along with a pair of black jeans and you are all set to go. You’re good to go with this waistcoat and shirt look!

Other Casual Waistcoat With Jeans Combinations:

Waistcoats are a versatile piece of clothing though many of us haven’t realised it yet. Waistcoat men jeans look is an apt smart casual if put it together correctly. Woollen waist coats present a sophisticated look when matched with a shirt, jeans, and tie to balance the look. I would prefer that you put on an off white shirt with a pair of blue denim jeans and a seaweed coloured waistcoat. This balances your overall appearance and additionally gives you a smart yet casual look.

Waistcoat With Ripped Jeans- Ripped & Ready To Give You A Makeover

Waistcoat With Ripped Jeans - Bewakoof Blog

Ripped jeans are obviously in trend these days. Thus, while we are having a conversation about styling waistcoat with jeans, we ought to consider pairing ripped jeans with waistcoats too. Now, this may sound extremely illogical because ripped jeans are like exceptionally casual compared to the waistcoats that we are going to pair them up with.

However, when it comes to the world of fashion, odds become the new trend. So pair your ripped jeans with a formal suit coat and a smart waistcoat. Wrap a checkered scarf around your neck and you are all set to go.

Additionally, we have got yet another style for you to try. Do you have a striped navy blue waistcoat and jacket at home? Then wear it on with a white shirt and ripped denim jeans. We are sure that you would be stunned to see how good it comes out. This combination of waist coat for men with jeans is a casual ensemble but with a pinch of dapper.

The Hooded Waistcoat- Say ‘Howdie!’ to the Hoodie!

The Hooded Waistcoat - Bewakoof Blog

It is time to look swag with the hooded waistcoat. The hooded waistcoats have just reached the market and they are already on trend these days. The important fact that makes them popular is that they are perfect for simple winter attire and even for casual waistcoat styles. They are available in a wide array of colours in almost all stores. So don’t forget to get one for yourself right away.

These are the various outfit combinations for waistcoat and jeans. You can materialise these ideas for a dashing ensemble for your OOTD. Style away, my friend!

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