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Ripped Jeans Outfits Ideas For Indian Men And DIY Steps To Get A Perfectly Ripped Jean.

Decode style tips and tricks for your ripped jeans outfit and discover why it is a new wardrobe staple for men. DIY your old denims and give them an upgrade.

Ripped jeans outfit ideas for men you can steal for a smart casual look. Discover why ripped jeans are the hot new denim trend and a wardrobe staple for men. Here's a guide on how to make ripped jeans at home by following these simple methods.

What is the origin of Ripped Jeans?

A brief history of Ripped Jeans

The first jeans were made towards the end of the 1870s by a German businessman known as Loeb Strauss who also went on to establish the denim brand known as Levi. Using twilled cotton cloth, he created a strong trouser suitable for the working man. Indigo, a pigment obtained from an Indian shrub was used to dye the fabric dark blue - this was believed to be a more suitable for strenuous work.

Influence of culture and celebrities

The ripped fashion came later, as a result of the cultural punk movement of the 70s. Celebrities such as the Bros and Iggy pop adopted the trend and made it even more popular. long after. Starting in 2010, ripped jeans for men saw a return to popularity. Rebranded as distressed denim, they have been taken up by both male and female celebrities alike. Ripped jeans style can add a touch of modern day flair to your ensemble too. Whether you choose the more sublime pieces of denim or prefer something much more extreme, ripped denim is a fashion accessory that can totally work for you.

Denim styles through decades

Tattered jeans have never really fallen out of favour with the fashion world, and maybe one of the easiest ways to remain trendy this spring. Whether you believe it or not, a ripped jeans outfit may be more versatile than you could ever imagine. Some might argue that they are hard to style, but that just might be because they don’t know how to style ripped jeans or might never have been shown the right way to go about it. Here are a few tips on what to wear with distressed jeans outfit. You can also refer to this article if you would like to add a little street to your style.

3 ways to style your Ripped Skinny Jeans or Distressed Jeans

Casual Wear - how to have a ripped jeans styled with t-shirts and white sneakers

Ripped Jeans style 1 | Bewakoof Blog

Torn up jeans are at their finest when worn as laid back casual wear. They’ll work best when combined with a t-shirt and a pair of desert boots or sneakers. Ripped jeans with boots is still a very popular trend. It will add an edgier aesthetic look to your usual outfit. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the jeans should remain the attraction of your outfit so there isn’t any need to overshadow them with other items of clothing. We’re trying for an effortless look here. In any case, complicating the outfit will only make it feel over styled and unnatural.

Smart Casual Wear - Ripped jeans and Shirt for more smart casual look

Ripped Jeans style 2 | Bewakoof Blog

Whether or not you believe it, distressed jeans actually can be spruced up and added to a smart wardrobe. They will work perfectly for anyone whose job requires casual office attire or for those individuals in search of something more exciting than a dull pair of the conventional skinny or straight blue rinse jeans. If you're interested in adding ripped jeans to your smart casual ensemble, try the ever so popular jeans and shirt combination. This ripped jean shirt look can also be tried with boots.

Alternative Wear - Grunge look for that fashion statement

Ripped Jeans style 3 | Bewakoof Blog

Distressed jeans are rightly associated with grunge and punk fashion. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the average non-grungy guy can’t rock a pair of frayed jeans. Grab a pair of your favourite black ripped skinny jeans outfit and combine it with a lumpy grey jumper. This choice of colours draws from a single palette. Adding a pair of brown boots will make for a complete alternative look.

How to make rip jeans at home- diy ripped jeans tips and tricks to get it right.

If you're really into the distressed denim trend or have a cut up jeans outfit or an old pair of jeans that you believe need a makeover, you could always make your own frays, holes or rips (if it turns out really bad, you could just go ahead and make yourself a new set of shorts!). A few distressed patches and frayed hems will bring your retired jeans straight back into active service, but it is also important to remember that this isn’t an activity to execute with reckless abandon. If you want your jeans to look good, you'll have to plan for them first.

How to Make Ripped Jeans | Bewakoof Blog

Not up to it? Well, of course, one could just pass by the store and get a pair of jeans that are already ripped, but if you want a really unique outfit, you'll have to do it yourself. Ripping or fraying your jeans is pretty straightforward and can be done with a few household appliances.

  1. Choose the types of jeans style - Pick the denim colour, fit, style that you like

    Choose a pair of jeans that have a good fitting, there’s no point bothering otherwise. You can pick a new pair or start with one you already own. Old jeans are usually a better fit and will also have a more authentic distressed look at the end. The new jeans may be washed in hot water a few times. You may bleach them too to make them look more worn out. Choose medium or light wash denim as it looks more realistic when distressed.

  2. Gather all your supplied - The necessary tools to get that ripped jeans look

    Besides the pants, you'll need to have a sharp-edged tool such as a razor, scissors or knife to make the rips and pumice stone, steel wool, and/or sandpaper to fray the jeans.

    • For marking—marker, tailor’s chalk or just a pen.
    • how to make holes in jeans Use scissors or cutter knife.
    • For Removing threads— use those small tweezers.
    • For scrape and frays—razor are your best friend.
    • To get a distressed jeans look — sandpaper gives best results.

  3. Choose the area you wish to rip

    As a matter of tradition, distressed denim will focus on the hem and knee areas of the fabric. But, you could choose another area to focus on. Place your denim on an even surface and then mark all the areas you wish to rip with a marker or piece of chalk.

  4. Fray the areas that are to be ripped

    Use steel wool, sandpaper or pumice and it will make the threading in the target area weaker and make it less difficult to tear. Before you make any frays or cuts, separate the front and back layers of your jean with a block of wood to prevent damage to the back side of your attire.

  5. Start Ripping (Distressing)

    once the areas you marked are weakened, use your razor or scissors to make a cut. Avoid large holes or clean cuts. You may use your hands to extend the tear as they will make it seem more natural.

Besides what has already been mentioned, there are lots of reasons why ripped jeans are so popular. The placement of the frays in ripped or distressed jeans are unique and can reveal a lot about an individual's personality. It will show whether a person is conservative, cheeky, or really bold. There aren’t any two hand-ripped jeans that look alike. They will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. You can also check out drawstrings bottoms which are giving a tough competition to the denims.

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